Interesting Recycled Chuck Taylor’s Wallet


This Is Gonna Be Good-We Promise 

A Limited Series Wallet Made From The Chucks You Know & Love 


Check It 

  • Designed For Front Pocket Carry
  • Full On Repurposed Canvas Front & Back…No Shortcuts
  • Measures 2 5/8″ Wide x 3.75″ Tall 
  • 3 Pockets Total-Designed To Hold 6-8 Credit Cards  
  • Magnetic Money Flap On The Back Holds Your Bills In A Vise-Like Grip
  • Proudly Made In The USA

Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty

 Yours In 3-2-1

Ready To Ship

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We have a recycled Chuck Taylor’s wallet just for you!

Interesting? Who thinks of turning the iconic shoes into a cool wallet?

We do!

When did you get your first pair?

Grade school? Middle School? High School?

Or maybe you were already grown.

No matter.

This wallet will show that you’re a fan.

How? By the Chuck Taylor’s badge.

A Chuck Taylor’s wallet is a great conversation piece.

So, get out there conversating!

This Chuck Taylor’s wallet will also bring you back to THOSE days.

The good ones.

Maybe you were a basketball player.

Or, what about the game you played in Little League? Yeah?

When you tried out for the football team what were you wearing?

You made it!

It was time to buy those cleats.

But you’ll always remember those shoes.

Just the lucky pair you needed to make the team.

Yeah… Chucks are the bomb. You heard it here.

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Chuck Taylor's Wallet

Chuck Taylor's Wallet


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