baseball glove briefcase

So, you’ve never heard of a baseball glove briefcase? Well, until now it didn’t’ exist. New to our lineup is the coolest way to carry your essentials to work, to the ball park or that critical meeting. You love the game of baseball and this portfolio is a great way to fly your colors. Because each piece we make is a one-off, you’ll possess the only case like it in the world. Carefully crafted one at a time in the USA, this baseball glove briefcase makes a statement. Built from 100% glove leather with steerhide accents, you’ll find no shortcuts here. Because each case is backed forever with our Take It To The Grave Warranty, this is a purchase that won’t bring  on buyer’s remorse..

Subsequently, you’ll have confidence that your new brief case will be the talk of the boardroom and be backed for a lifetime.

Now, that’s a good deal!

Want something custom made just for you?  Send us YOUR glove. We’ll turn it into a cool case, wallet or other carry item you’ll treasure forever.

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