baseball glove key fob

Here’s an awesome way to carry your keys. A baseball glove key fob is a cool way for the baseball fan in your life to carry their keys. Made one at a time, no two key fobs are alike, making each unique. Because each is made from well worn glove leather, they capture America’s pastime in a small package that you can always take with you. Because each is lined with our exclusive carbon fiber/kevlar material, they are tough as nails to boot! Like all of our goods, each baseball glove key fob is backed forever with our Take It To The Grave Warranty.  This is a purchase you’ll have no qualms claiming for yourself.

Therefore, you’ll have that good feeling buying this keychain-knowing it’s not only cool, but backed forever.

So, come check out our current selection and find a key chain you can’t do without.

Want something even more special?  Send us YOUR glove. We’ll turn it into key fob, wallet or another piece of awesome gear!

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