baseball glove keychain

Want A Cool Way To Carry Your Keys? Well, this baseball glove keychain is just the ticket.  Hand built from repurposed baseball gloves, each piece has its own look. Because each is made from well worn glove leather, they  capture you love for America’s pastime. Made from 100& baseball glove leather and lined with our exclusive carbon fiber/kevlar material. Backed forever with our Take It To The Grave Warranty, this is a purchase you’ll have no remorse over.

Subsequently, you’ll have a great feeling buying this baseball glove keychain knowing it’s not only cool, but backed forever.

This is awesomeness you carry in your pocket. So, come check out what all the buzz is about…You need this in your life.

Want something even more special?  Send us YOUR glove. We’ll turn it into keychain, wallet or another piece of awesome gear!

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