Baseballwallets are a thing. Trust us on this. You’ve been looking for a new wallet and here it is. Vvego is your go-to source for premium sports inspired gear.

Not just baseballwallets, we make other sports gear from repurposed leathers. Football items, hockey glove items too. And each piece we make is a one of a kind. Knowing this, it’s for sure that no one else on the planet will have a piece of gear exactly like yours. Cool huh?

Like everything we make, your wallet is backed by our Take It To The Grave Warranty?  When you purchase from Vvego, you’re backed forever. No time limits, no exceptions, no excuses!  True dat! All those glory days of your playing time, you can now carry in your pocket. Come check out what all the hoopla is about…You’ll be glad you did.

Wanting something really unique?  Send us YOUR glove. We’ll turn it into something you’ll cherish forever.

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Showing all 29 results