leather baseball wallets

Leather baseball wallets have to be the coolest way for the baseball fan in your life to carry their cards/cash. Vvego is your go-to source for premium sports inspired gear.

So you know, at Vvego, we’re more than just leather baseball wallets.

Because we build other sports gear from repurposed leathers. football leather items, hockey glove items too, and everything we make is a one of a kind. Knowing this, you’re buying with confidence that your wallet will be unique to you. Yeah, no one will have one just like it

Gotta admit, that’s pretty sweet!

When you purchase from Vvego, you know that you’ll be getting the best guarantee on the planet. Our Take It To The Grave Warranty is the strongest in the industry. Because of this, y0u’ll buy with confidence. There are no time limits, no exceptions, no excuses to our warranty!

Remember all of the those great days of your youth playing ball? Now you can carry them with you in an awesome wallet.  Come check things out for yourself.…You’ll thank yourself for taking the time.

Wanting something really out of bounds?  Send us YOUR glove. (or football) We’ll turn it into a piece of gear you’ll keep forever.

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    Traditional Bifold Nokona Wallet

    Traditional Bifold Nokona Wallet-(MVP Exclusive)

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