old football leather wallet

Come check out this old football leather wallet from your friends at Vvego.  From game used footballs, we carefully take each football apart and then repurpose the leather into the most unique wallet you’ve ever seen.

Because each old football leather wallet is different in its patina and markings, the wallet you purchase will be the only one like it in the world. Cool huh?

This is what makes them stand out-super high quality and an individual look in every single one.

When you purchase from Vvego, know that you’ll be getting the best guarantee in the free world. Our Take It To The Grave Warranty is the strongest there is. Because of this, y0u’ll know you’re covered-no matter what.


So it’s said, we make more than cool wallets. Valet trays, a baseball purse, even cool baseball glove belts, Vvego is your one stop source for premium sports inspired gear.

You love your sports, come remember those glory days with a piece of gear you can carry with you.

Wanting something made just for you?  Send us YOUR glove. (or football) We’ll turn it into a wallet or other piece of gear you’ll be proud to own.

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Showing all 6 results