Vintage Wallets

Have you seen this line up of vintage wallets?  Vvego has the perfect wallet just for you. Made from recycled baseball gloves and game used footballs, our wallets are all one of kind as these beautifully aged leathers find new life as your go to carry.

Baseball is America’s  pastime, and  American football is extremely popular.

Each sport has its iconic place in our history, so come see for yourself these vintage wallets with all of the spirit and tradition of yesterday, it’s captured in every piece of baseball leather or football leather we use.

Every wallet we build is made right here in the USA. Knowing this, you will buy with the confidence that your wallet is of the highest quality.

By the way, have your heard about our Take It To The Grave Warranty?  With it, you get the best warranty in the industry.

American goods made from the rich leathers of our sports heritage. The perfect combination for those who want something new, even more to those who feel the need to give a hat tip to the good ole days.

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Showing all 5 results