wallet made from football leather

Come check out this wallet made from football leather. Every wallet is carefully sewn from well worn footballs, giving each piece its own unique look and markings. With each wallet being one of a kind, you’ll be proud to sport the coolest wallet on the planet.

So, you’ve never seen a wallet made from football leather? Well, come see for yourself.

Our wallets are made from 100% game used footballs. As a result, you know your buying a durable wallet that will last a lifetime. Knowing that your buying top quality is only exceeded by our Take It To The Grave Warranty. It’s the best in the biz

Your wallet is backed forever,  so you’re purchasing with the confidence that this wallet is with you for the long haul.

Nice huh?

Looking for something other than a football wallet? We gotcha covered. Because we craft other cool gear from sports leathers.

How about a belt made from a baseball leather? Or maybe a cool wallet made from hockey glove leather? We got ’em, and they’re all ready to ship.

Finally, you want something even more over the top, just for you?send us YOUR old football (or baseball glove) . We’ll turn it into something you’ll treasure forever.

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Showing all 6 results