Ever seen a walletmadefrombaseballglove? No? Well, come check out our line up of the coolest baseball wallets you’ll ever witness. Each is a one-off because each glove we use has its own markings and character. So, you’ll buy with confidence that your new wallet will be the only one like it on the planet.

Cool, huh?

Ever heard of a Take It To The Grave Warranty? It’s our warranty and it’s the best in the biz. You’re covered, no matter what. So there’s that!

Knowing this will make it easy for you to purchase with confidence.

Looking for something other than a walletmadefrombaseballglove? We make other cool gear from sports leathers. How about a purse made from a baseball leather? Or maybe a valet tray made from game used football leather? We got ’em, in stock and ready to go.

Come check out our selection. We have wallets in many styles and price ranges. Knowing this, you can make Vvego your single source for all the cool gear you need.

Finally, you want something even more over the top, just for you?send us YOUR glove. We’ll turn it into something you’ll cherish forever.

Showing all 28 results

Showing all 28 results