Our series of walletsmadefrombaseballgloves is the largest selection of ball glove wallets around. Each wallet is made from 100% repurposed baseball gloves…made right here in the USA.  Each piece is unique in its look and markings. Because of this, each wallet is one off.

Baseball is America’s pastime…You know it is. For this reason, every fan needs a way to keep their favorite sport top of mind. There’s no better way to do this than to carry one of Vvego’s baseball wallets

Every one of our walletsmadefrombaseballgloves gives new life to an old glove. All of the memories are right there in the leather. Because we start with high quality baseball glove leather, you know that any of these wallets you choose will be with you forever. Buy with confidence because you’re always backed by our Take It To The Grave Warranty The strongest warranty in the industry.

Remembering those days at the ballpark, all the hours spent shagging fly balls and perfecting your swing. Those were the glory days. Keep those memories top of mind each time you pull this unique wallet out. A recycled baseball glove wallet is the perfect conversation starter as well. Because each time you show it to your friends, you know they’ll want one. Tell ’em you got it from Team V.

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