Shopping for a gift for the guy who has everything can be a pain. Well, our walletsmadeoutofbaseballgloves are the coolest gift you’re gonna come across. This is gonna smooth things out for you. We promise.

Our walletsmadeoutofbaseballgloves are the most unique wallets on the planet. Why?  Because each wallet we make is one of a kind.

Hand made from used baseball gloves, each piece is a work of art you can carry with you. For this reason, you know the gift you’re giving will be really special.

Have more than one person in your world for whom you’re buying? Well, we have many style in all price ranges. Knowing this, you can shop in one spot and be done with your gift giving duties.

How cool is that!

You’re buying with utmost confidence because our Take It To The Grave Warranty has you covered…no matter what happens. Knowing this will put your mind at ease regarding your purchase from Vvego.

So, come see for yourself what all the buzz is about. Check out our line up, and find a wallet that is oh-so right for you.

He’ll remember all of the glory days on the field each time he pulls this wallet out of his pocket to pay. It’ll draw envious stares. Trust us!

Finally, you want something even more fantastic?send us YOUR glove. We’ll turn it into something you’ll cherish forever.

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Showing all 27 results