Wilson Glove Wallet

So, you played with a Wilson Baseball Glove your whole career? Well, here’s something for you…A Wilson Glove Wallet. Now, you can carry your love for the game with you every day because Team Vvego has this cool wallet you’re gonna love. Our baseball wallets are made one at a time from 100% baseball glove leather. Knowing this, you’ll have the confidence that your new wallet will be the only one like it out there. Why? Because no two of our wallets are alike.

Pretty cool, huh?

Maybe you’re needing a gift for him. Stop right there! Our Wilson Glove Wallet is the perfect gift for the baseball fan in your life.

Your buying this wallet with the confidence of knowing that it is backed forever. Our Take It To The Grave Warranty is the best in the biz.

Hand made from used baseball gloves, each piece is a work of art you can carried anywhere.

Have more than one person in your world for whom you’re buying? Well, we have many styles of wallets in all price ranges. Knowing this, you can shop in one spot and be done with your gift giving duties.


So, come see for yourself what all the buzz is about. Check out our line up, and find a wallet that is oh-so right for you.

Finally, you want something even more awesome?send us YOUR glove. We’ll turn it into something you’ll cherish forever.

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