Baseball EDC Dump Tray (Nokona Series)

The Perfect EDC Dump Tray To Stash Your Trinkets & Gear-Made From Beautifully Aged Nokona Baseball Glove Leather

The Coolest Valet Tray In Our Most Exclusive Glove Leather 

The Specifics

  • Meticulously Quilted Nokona Ball Glove Leather
  • Measures 8″x 8″ When Flat
  • American Made Anodized Aluminum Hardware Adds Just The Right Detail
  • The Size Is Perfect For Your Dresser Or Your Desk  
  • This Tray Is One Of A Kind And Can Never Be Duplicated
  • Proudly Sourced & Made In The USA

Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty 

 America’s Pastime Preserved In A Useful Accessory If You Want The Best-Here It Is 

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So… You’re still a watch man. No, not a Watchmen. You wish. Maybe you’re thinking you’re a Night Owl or a Rorschach or Ozzy Mandias? No… Not a Comedian! Wait… I got it now. You’re a Dr. Manhattan! How cool. All blue and stuff, but get some clothes on, dude. It gets cold in space. ‘Course, you aren’t there. You are there? Where the heck are you? Need a Baseball EDC Dump Tray, there, Doc? I bet you do! You gots no pockets!

But we digress… We’re thinking about your WRISTWATCH! Ooooohhhhhh…. That makes better sense, eh? OK, so you need a place for your watch, for your keys, your change, and whatever other stuff you carry around Every single Day! Well… If you love baseball, this gets even better. Our EDC Dump Tray is baseball oriented because… wait for it… wait for it… It’s made from 100% recycled baseball glove leather. How awesome is that? You go, Dr. Manhattan. You’re all about order. You need it


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