Classic Card Case From Recycled Baseball Glove Leather


A Classic Front Pocket Wallet Built From Pre Loved Baseball Gloves

The Memories Are Right Here

Carry A Piece Of America’s Pastime In Your Pocket

  • The Perfect Size For Your Front Pocket Carry-Measures 4 1/8″ W x 2 3/4″ Tall
  • 2 Pockets-Each Lined With Red-Black Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Weave
  • Holds 4-6 Cards
  • Real Baseball Accents On Front Of Each Piece
  • Proudly Built In The USA

  Backed Forever With Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty 

Once You Placed Your Order, We’ll Send You Pics Of Our Current Inventory-You Choose The Wallet That Catches Your Eye

Get You Some Of This!



Recycled baseball glove leather makes this card case something truly special — a nostalgic conversation starter in any crowd. Not like the other guys’ baseball glove wallets, this is fine craftsmanship is 100% Made in America. With a Take it to the Grave Warranty, how can you lose? Add some Big Daddy’s Leather Sauce to make this an amazing gift combo!

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Classic Card Case

Classic Card Case


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