Vvault Front Pocket Wallet

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You’ve Been Looking For A Cool Front Pocket Wallet With Attitude…Now It’s Time To Pull The Trigger

Build It Like You Want It

  • Holds 4-6 Cards In Pockets
  • Your Choice Of 3 Leather Colors
  • Your Choice Of 5 Lining Colors-The Linings Are Real Carbon Fiber Or A Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Weave
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty   

 Your Wallet Will Be Hand Built From 5 Separate Layers


Stitched With Heavy Duty Saddle Thread

​Please Allow Us About 2 Weeks To Build Your Order

The Wait Will Be Worth It

We Promise

 Awesomeness Right Here



Sick of sitting on your “Costanza” wallet? OK, get a grip. It’s time to slim down and wear that front pocket wallet. There’s no room for old theater ticket stubs or coupons that expired in the last millennium. the Vvault Front Pocket Wallet will get you straight and look cool, too. Don’t think about it. Do it!

69 reviews for Vvault Front Pocket Wallet

  1. Oscar Del Villar

    I absolutely LOVE this wallet! It is of the highest quality leather and with the carbon fiber it looks cool too. The customer service here is top notch and I never went more than a day (and in most cases never more than an hour) without hearing a response. Thank you guys so much for making such an awesome product!!

    • Robert Porter

      Big Thanks Oscar,

      Kind notes from clients like you mean the world to us. It wouldn’t happen without some great people behind the scene here…To them goes the credit.

      For Team Vvego

  2. Pete (verified owner)

    Found this wallet online and decided I liked the look of it so bit the bullet and ordered one. The personal customer service was amazing. This is very rare these days and I am very impressed ! The wallet arrived in a timely fashion and I was kept up to date through out the process ! The quality is very high and this is a very useful wallet ! Well done vvego !

    • Robert Porter

      Thank you Peter for sending us a note!


  3. Anne Taylor

    I was blessed to win one of these wallets. I asked my husband, who is a man of few words, what he thought of it and this is what he said, “Its great, I love it” I noticed that the leather was of top grade quality, the stitching was perfect and it was perfect size for a couple of bills and a card or two! Thanks so much, my husband is really enjoying his Vvault Front Pocket Wallet!

    • Robert Porter

      Big Thanks Anne,

      We’re blessed to have you and your husband as clients.


  4. Michael (verified owner)

    My old wallet was just falling apart. I had it for about 4 years and I was ready for a new one. I really wanted an efficient wallet that I could keep in my front pocket and last more than a few years. I searched on Google and found many options but nothing came close to the front pocket wallet by Vvego. It is really strong and built to last a lifetime. I love their lifetime guarantee. Also it’s really cool looking. I’ve been getting compliments every time I take it out. I’ve never been excited about a wallet until I tried the Vvego front pocket wallet. But the best part about the wallet isn’t the leather or the clip or the
    choice of styles available. The best part is the incredible customer service you get. Robert Porter is the owner and creator of the wallet and his customer service is so good I feel like I made a new friend. I only wish more companies could learn from Robert. He is an amazing guy.

    • Robert Porter


      Notes like this inspire me and the rest of Team Vvego.

      Those behind the scenes deserve the credit. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do.

      Thank you for taking time to write.

      We’re here if/when you need us.


  5. Jeremy N (verified owner)

    Best wallet I have ever had. You can’t go wrong with black. The service was absolutely amazing and we are very satisfied and pleased that we went with this company. You will definitely have our buisness in the future thank you so much.

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Jeremy. I Hope Your New Vvault Wallet Serves You Well Into The New Year…And For Many New Years To Come. RP

  6. Shawnee K – Boise, ID

    I ordered the Front Pocket wallet in Saddle Brown with the black carbon fiber for my husband for Christmas. Almost immediately I received a friendly email from the Owner, Robert, letting me know it would be shipped 2 day air & asking if there was anything else they could do. The wallet showed up sooner than I expected. It had also been laser etched with my husband’s initials (free!), gift wrapped & included a personal note. The wallet is very high quality and my husband absolutely loved it. It’s exactly what he has been wanting. We are planning on ordering one for my son’s 14th b-day because he also liked so much and it would be a wallet that will last for years

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Shawnee. I Hope Your Husband’s Vvault Wallet Last Forever. If For Some Reason It Doesn’t…We’ll Be Glad To Build Him A New One.

      I’ll Look Forward To Hearing From You In The Future. RP

  7. Homero (verified owner)

    Definitely feel the need to add my voice to all these great reviews. Bought the wallet as a Christmas gift to myself and it is truly an exceptional product. I’m very pleased with the materials, the craftsmanship and my overall experience with your company. You clearly take great pride in what you do and , as a man who currently works 3 jobs, I appreciate the care and effort you put into delivering quality. Thanks!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Homero…I Hope That New Vvault Wallet Of Yours Serves You Well For Many Years. We Appreciate You Taking The Time To Check In With Us. RP

  8. Rowan G (verified owner)

    I have literally never had customer service from another company like I’ve had from Vvego and Robert, as soon as I ordered my wallet they were in contact with me immediately and I was guided through the (surprisingly quick) production process, it was then sent out and arrived earlier than expected. What else can you ask for? Best wallet I’ve ever owned too.

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Rowan,

      Great To Hear From Our Friend “Down Under”…That Vvault Wallet Should Serve You Well For The Next Few Decades At Least. Vvego Appreciates You.

  9. Rob

    Think about your best ever customer service experience…got it?..now take that experience times “10” and that’s what you will experience when you work with Robert & crew to have them build your new wallet. And the wallets are SO damn nice!!! Their quality cannot be touched by anyone. I am really glad to have the experience of owning their wallet and having the good fortune to work with Robert. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

    • Robert Porter

      Rob…It’s really our pleasure to work with great clients like you. I hope your new Vvault Wallet serves you for decades. RP & Team Vvego

  10. Mike (verified owner)

    This is a great product. It works like I want it to. It has both rugged, but elegant style. It’s made in the US. As a surprise bonus, the customer care is above and beyond what any company I’ve ordered from has offered. I had no problems, but I’m sure if I had, they’d have been resolved in a way that exceeded my expectations. Thanks.

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Mike…Keep A Sharp Edge On Your T-1, Just In Case…Thanks For Being Part Of Team Vvego.

  11. Russell (verified owner)

    Robert has been awesome his wallets even better. I highly recommend getting one. I now understand the reason for the name the vault!
    Thanks again Robert.

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Russell,

      We Try To Build These Vvault Wallets To Keep Your Things Secure…As The Years Go By, I Hope Your Wallet Becomes The Point In Your Every Day Carry Arsenal.

  12. jack (verified owner)

    I had very high expectations because of the cost…..needless to say this wallet far exceeded those expectations. The wallet is built hell for stout and is great looking to boot. So my advice to you is…..pull the trigger and make the purchase……you will not be disappointed. Customer service is second to none….

    • Robert Porter

      Jack…We Like To Say That Things Are Cheap For A Reason…And That Quality Wins In The End. Team Vvego Takes Pride In What We Offer.
      Too, We Are Grateful To Have Supportive Customers Like You. Enjoy Your New Vvault Wallet For Years & Years. RP

  13. Jay Pearson

    Just got my front pocket wallet in the mail! It is an excellent quality piece with a great finish! The hardes part for me was figuring out which essentials to put into it! Never realized how much useless crap I had in my old wallet! Extremely happy and the customer service and communication is among the best I have ever seen!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Jay,

      Thank For The Note…It’s Funny How We End Up Finding So Much Junk In Our Wallets. I Hope Your Vvault Is Just Right For Holding What You Really Need. RP

  14. Zach Spenadel (verified owner)

    I had been eyeing this wallet up for a long time before I finally decided to pull the trigger. I contacted Robert, and he walked me through the process of designing my very own custom Vvault Wallet. Robert’s customer service is top notch, and unlike any I have ever experienced. I am blown away by the quality and attention to detail put into this wallet. The stitching is flawless, leather rich with character, tasteful accents of real carbon fiber and a “take it to the grave warranty.” What’s not to love? The wallet is an absolute pleasure to own; and you certainly won’t be disappointed…Go ahead, you deserve it!
    Thank you Robert!!

    • Robert Porter

      Nice Words Zach…It Was My Pleasure To Help With The Process. Kudos To Team Vvego For Making It Happen, Without Them The Process Would Be Much Tougher For Me. RP

  15. John C

    I received my Vvault 10 days ago, and decided to switch it out and take it on my vacation to FL with my family. Sunny, warm weather + shorts = need for a smaller wallet. I was suprised that I fit my DL, CCW permit, debit card, 2 credit cards and my cash, without making the wallet too full! I could just drop it in my front pocket, and not have that big, bulky one in my back poket, hurting my a$$ and lower back everytime I sit down.
    Needless to say, my wallet is now out of the pic, as I decided to carry the Vvault fulltime! Thanks Robert, not only is this thing functional, but it’s a great looking wallet also!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey John, It Sounds Like We May Have Another Vvault Wallet Convert On Our Hands…Something We Really Like. Thanks For Being On The Team. RP

  16. Mauricio Nieto (verified owner)

    I don’t even know where to begin…. The wallet is amazing! Great craftsmanship, materials, overall an outstanding wallet. Exceeded my expectations by far. What can I say about the customer service other than it is the best customer service I have ever encountered. I couldn’t believe they took time to write to me personally to thank me and answer any questions I had. Remarkable. If you are on this website, looking for top quality product, you’ve found it!! No need to keep looking. Thank you Robert and the Vvego team.
    One Extremely Happy Customer.

    • Robert Porter

      Mauricio, Thank You For The Kind Words. Enjoy Your New Vvault Wallet & Let Us Know If We Can Be Of Help In The Future. RP

  17. Jeff Sinclair (verified owner)

    Wallet is awesome, exactly what I was looking for. Robert was in constant contact via email and wallet was shipped out significantly faster than I expected (was ~1.5 days from ordering it online to arriving at my house). 10/10 will definitely buy from Vvego again.

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Jeff…Enjoy That New Vvault Wallet. RP

  18. Trevor Dewar

    This is an awesome wallet. The construction and attention to detail are amazing. I have not had dealings with a company that is more dedicated to customer service and making sure customers are happy with their purchase. If you have an issue or a special request don’t hesitate to read out to them via phone. I spoke with them multiple times in trying to reach a decision on which wallet to buy. Each time I called they answered all of my questions and I never felt they were in a hurry to move along to the next customer. I have booked mark this page in my computer and will buy multiple wallets for those lucky people that I know for gifts. You can fully trust in the company to make sure your purchase is great!!! God job!!!!!

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Trevor. I Hope That Vvault Of Yours Makes You Happy For Many, Many Years. We Are Honored To Have You As A Client. RP

  19. Dale Busbice (verified owner)

    I have my new wallet for a few days and love it so far. Very high quality. Took a little getting used to the wallet in my front pocket, but I am past that now. Ordered on the weekend and got an email form the owner of the company within 30 minutes and he kept me updated through the whole process. Would highly recommend the wallet and the company.

  20. Jarron

    I’ve had my wallet for a couple of years now and I have traveled all over the world with it. It looks great and has held up under all sorts of weather conditions. I have it broke in and it holds everything I need and has allowed me to get rid of what I don’t. Often people see my wallet and compliment me on it. When I see a friend with the wallet that is 3-5 inches thick I think of my slim wallet that hold everything I need and I smile to myself. Great quality, Robert. Now I see why you are comfortable to offer your “take it to the grave” warranty.

  21. Gerald Hernandez (verified owner)

    Guy’s I just received my frt. Pocket wallet it was ever thing we hoped it would be highest quality never thought I could be so pleased with the purchase of a frt.pocket wallet, I have never had the personal attention that was given to my order, they will keep you informed as your order progress give you the same equal top quility service as the there products , I will be buying other products from them. THANK’S. Robert

  22. Jim Hughes

    Just the wallet I’ve spent years looking for. Trend setting simple design, yet highly functional. Materials and Workmanship are exquisite. Hand made but not one stitch or edge out of form to show that. Something that will become a daily user for your life. Your Children will fight over this heirloom
    item. Get one for each child to save any family fights after your gone. Quality enough to use in a field situtation, yet classy enough for your Tux.

  23. Jim Hughes

    Fantastic Customer Service with in 3 minutes of my inquiry, I’ve got a personal Email from the CEO. Friendly, personable, service you never see on line, is a regular feature of this company. Items shipped next Mail Day after my 3 Day Holiday weekend order. I’ve got a 2nd Wallet, 3rd item on order for a friend. Love ith product, design and workmanship. Things couldn’t be more perfect.

  24. Anthony S Orosz (verified owner)

    It is difficult to know where to begin describing the experience of owning a wallet from Robert and the team at Vvego because it was exactly that: a buying journey unparalleled in my lifetime for excellence of product AND service.
    I was contacted by Robert less than ten minutes after my initial inquiry, on a Sunday afternoon. That he would take time from his weekend to call me personally is just one example of the world class service the Vvego team delivers. Robert and his artisans entertained my every whim for a very personal, customized wallet. I liken it to concierge service at the finest hotel. Everything from ordering the thread exclusively for my Vvault, to using up wallets to make sure the laser engraving was perfect, and they treated it as if it was the only order they had.
    The wallet itself is a thing of subtle, but powerful beauty. I chose to use the carbon fiber liner and it gives the wallet a fantastic contrast with the extremely fine leather. The stitching is nothing short of art. Again, this was a product and service experience at a level I was not previously accustomed to but which is accessible to most, truly a rare and wonderful confluence.
    When you are ready to, make the call or send an email. Enjoy the experience and make the most of every moment to get exactly what you want, because the team at Vvego will not rest until you have just that. Thank you Robert, and everyone on your crew, for the best product and service experience I have ever had.

    Anthony S Orosz
    Lexington, SC

  25. Tim (verified owner)

    This is a quality leather product supported by superb customer service. Fantastic communication throughout the whole experience. I would not hesitate to recommend this to a friend.

  26. Robert Barman (verified owner)

    This was a birthday gift for my son. He did the research and suggested the wallet as his gift. He was looking for something different and distinctive, and was very pleased with the end result. He said the workmanship was excellent, and the product exceeded his expectations. Delivery was right on time with a relatively short notice. Great product and service, thank you.

  27. Connor B (verified owner)

    Within a half hour of ordering, Robert followed up by both phone and email to make sure I didn’t need anything extra to go along with my wallet. From ordering to delivery, it was probably the best customer service I’ve had in a looong time. As for the wallet itself, I love it. Like a few other people said, it takes some getting used to, but it’s definitely worth it.

  28. Steve Dempsey

    Great product…great service! I converted to the Vvault Front Pocket Wallet from a “(George) Costanza Wallet” about a month ago. There is a lot less cow with the Vvault, and no room to store receipts or even Sweet N Low. Perfect size for what you need. I comfortably carry 6 cards and some cash. Due to the quality leather, it may take some time to break in, but it will loosen up! Great craftsmanship by Robert and the team at Vvego! Thank You!

  29. ROBERT MCLARTY (verified owner)

    I could simply copy / paste any of the reviews detailed here……..
    I am (to quote RP) over on the other side of the pond and have just received my new piece, quite exceptional, in fact I have to order another as it has already been greedily eyed up. The quality is simply to behold.
    I could write for a while on the exceptional customer service, however it has already been detailed in other reviews. If I was to run a business this would definitely be the business model that I would apply.
    RP – many thanks to you and your team and will be in touch around another order.
    Warm regards……………

  30. Chad Lewis (verified owner)

    The customer service is outstanding! Didn’t ever have to wait on a response on an e-mail, it was like texting. Oh yeah, the wallet is great too.

  31. Jeff Ryg (verified owner)

    I ordered the Vvault Front Pocket Wallet, shipped the next day and only $5 for 2 day buisness delivery on my order (not sure if that is standard). I recieved my wallet the same week as ordered. Very high quality, I am very pleased with my purchase. Customer service was great!

  32. Shaun (verified owner)

    I have been researching compact wallets for a long time now. I always try to get the best quality, most practical items I can for everyday use. The VVault front wallet was the only design that seemed to fit the mold of what I wanted. Upon receiving the wallet, I was very surprised at how thick the leather actually is. I don’t think the pictures do it justice. It feels like it will last a lifetime for sure while gaining character. The thickness of the leather in no way impacted the overall thin feel of the wallet. I couldn’t be happier.

  33. Chris (verified owner)

    I just received my Vvault in the mail yesterday. Great craftsmanship and design. Really high quality materials. It fits easily in my front pocket with my car keys and you can barely tell it’s there. I’m looking forward to slimming down and moving past the giant Costanza wallet I previously had. Lastly, the customer service was great. Robert was in touch every step of the way and he’s been great to work with. Definitely worth the price.

  34. Andrew Mick (verified owner)

    I just gotta say…IT’S PRETTY KICKASS…..I show it off to my friends and they all think its very cool. I like things that are different. Its a refined sort of rugged..and that truly fits my style. Perfect for riding my motorcycle or going out for sushi people notice that it’s different and cool. Rugged like a mountain goat. Thanks for the great wallet and the great conversation piece.

  35. Jim Bisbee (verified owner)

    Got the wallet today and it is everything I hoped it would be!
    Fit and finish are perfect! Thanks for you professional craftsmanship on this item!
    Thanks for your business professionalism and your craftsmanship.

  36. Adam (verified owner)

    Just received my Vvault wallet in the mail, and I am more than satisfied. Beautiful stitching and attention to detail. Within 10 minutes of my order I was called, that’s right CALLED by Mr. Porter, the actual CEO. He wanted to go over my order to make sure it was correct and see if i had any question. I asked if I could have my initials laser etched in the leather, and the simple response was sure! and its free! There was even a hand written note in my box thanking me for my order. Best customer service by ANY company, ANY time, ANY where! Top notch company, highly recommended!

  37. Carson (verified owner)

    Vvego worked with me on a custom Vvault wallet; all custom work was provided free of charge — I could not find that anywhere else! After weeks of daily use my first thought continues to be that my wallet is one of the few instances in which I feel like someone sat down down and created precisely the item (quality of materials, design and function) I would have made for myself. Nothing about the Vvault looks or feels mass-market. I recommend customizing as well. Robert sent over prototype sketches, had the customization complete and shipped in no time. Thanks to Vvego for the extra effort and including me in the design. It’s difficult to make a purchase today that leaves you with a feeling of solid, long term value and each of my items, wallet, key fob and multi-tool have exceeded expectations.

  38. Michael

    I received this wallet last week and all I can say is wow! The craftsmanship and customer service from this company are top notch! I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on the wallet; everyone seems to love it! The custom etching I had done is amazing and every bit of what I hoped it would be. If you’re looking for a great gift idea or a high quality wallet for yourself, one of these are definitely the way to go!

  39. Jason (verified owner)

    I received my wallet in the mail about a week ago, and it is perfect. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Robert was a big help from the day I ordered my wallet. After placing my order including the heavy duty clip, I changed my mind and shot Robert an email asking to change my order to a snap clip. No problem. Robert took good care of me and I’m now a Vvego customer for life. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. I’ll be placing a few gift orders in the near future.

  40. Ted (verified owner)

    I have had 2 slim wallets in my day and this is, by far, the best I have come across! It holds everything I need and I added a clip to make sure I could carry everything. I’m excited to have it and am so happy to have had the pleasure to work with Robert!

  41. jason (verified owner)

    This really is one awesome wallet! The leather is high quality and heavy duty, plus it has that wonderful natural leather smell that most “leather” products don’t seem to have anymore. It strikes the perfect balance between a rugged hard use wallet but also one that looks at home being pulled out on the town. I’m able to fit 7 cards, could squeeze one more if needed, and cash in it comcomfortablibhave no doubt this will last a very long time. And if for some reason it doesn’t I know Robert will be there to take care of me. His service was top notch and I received a personal confirmation when i placed my order as well when it shipped. If you want a slim front picket wallet, you will not find a better choice than the Vvault!

  42. Troy G (verified owner)

    Wow… I’m blown away! The craftsmanship is just astounding and it looks amazing! The pics and youtube vids just don’t do this wallet justice. I’m convinced this wallet would last TWO lifetimes! I’m very pleased I found your product and will gladly refer any and all to your site. THANK YOU Robert, for your excellent service!

  43. Shawn T (verified owner)

    The quality and craftsmanship of the vvego wallet is by far the best I’ve ever had or seen. I’m glad I was referred to your site. I will gladly share my experience with family and friends. Thanks Robert for keeping me informed. Great piece of art.

  44. Mike grimaud (verified owner)

    Awesome quality. Amazing customer service and a great price. Replaced Louis vuitton wallets with this.

  45. Shane Aden

    I only gave this wallet 5 stars because I couldn’t give it 10. Until you hold this, you cannot imagine the quality of construction. It takes me back to my childhood and a store I would go to with my dad where they custom made boots. That smell of supple leather, the thickness and heft, the craftsmanship. If I had the time I could fill volumes on how beautiful it is, and how I intend this the be an item that can be passed on to my son, but honestly, the quality pales in comparison to the service. I have no less than six emails concerning the delivery of this wallet. When it did not arrive on the day Robert expected it to arrive, there was an offer to build another wallet and HAND DELIVER IT. I could understand that level of service had I ordered thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, but this was one wallet. I am deeply impressed to say the least. Please, if you are on the fence about making a purchase, just pull the trigger and do it. I cannot imagine for one moment that you will regret it. Robert & Team Vvego, you have earned my respect and admiration. Expect orders fom me for years to come.


  46. Josh (verified owner)

    I don’t think I could have asked for more as far as the quality of the wallet and the customer service!
    Robert was great to work with and I got my wallet way faster than I expected.
    I’m looking forward to using this wallet for years and would highly recommend vvego!

  47. E. Major

    Absolute quality and professionalism. The prompt responses and friendly nature Of Robert really sealed the deal on a great experience. The leather is beautiful and the stitching perfect. It even holds everything I could need and it is not even broken in yet.

  48. Sammy miller (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Vvego awhile ago and have recently been able to acquire a personalized version of the Vvault. Vvego will be my wallet and mini accessory go to for the rest of my life. I’ll never get another wallet anywhere else. Roberts quick and customer first approach was outstanding. He knows how to take care of a customer and provide a feel good experience for someone who wants to purchase a product that is durable, life lasting, and far more unique than any other on the market. I am so glad I joined the team!

  49. Garrett

    Wallet is built like a tank. Heavy duty stitching with double stitching around the wallet lips to make sure it doesn’t come apart. REAL carbon fiber inlay which is hard to find. Looking forward to watching this wallet grow cooler with time, like a set of classic redwing boots.

  50. Robert C

    The last wallet that I purchased was probably around $30. It was a well known brand. It probably lasted me about 2-3 years. I began looking for a great front pocket wallet online and my searches brought me to VVego. This wallet is solid. Its well made and will hopefully last me a VERY long time. It fits in my front pocket perfectly. I am very happy about this purchase. Customer Service is outstanding. SO,
    How do you rationalize the purchase of a wallet that is over $100? Right here:
    EvaConcerned About Your Purchase?
    Don’t Be.
    All Of Gear Is Warranted Against Everything
    For The Rest Of Your Natural Life
    We Know It’s Been Said, “You Can’t Take It With You”…
    But If You Do Take It With You…And You Need A Repair Or Replacement..We’ll Honor Our Commitment
    Come Heaven Or Otherwise”

  51. Chris (verified owner)

    First of all I want to say the customer service is too notch. Not many business owners will personally give you a call if you have questions or even just to thank you… Well Robert will. Easily the one and only reason to purchase from Vvego.
    Secondly, the wallet is amazing. I can see it lasting a life time and hey, if for some reason it doesn’t Vvego has a bulletproof warranty. The leather work and stitching is beautiful and the fact that Vvego will laser etch pretty much anything you can come up with for free is worth the money spent. I love my wallet and I know you will too. Thanks Robert and Vvego for making a great wallet that we can all stand behind.
    Oh and if you’re curious I have 5 cards and three bills in use in the wallet. Once it breaks in I’m sure you could fit more, but I’m happy with that. Hope this review helps you make a decision, I tell you it’s well worth it.

  52. Tex Divine

    When I came across Vvego I was impressed with the unique designs I saw, but knew I wanted something different for myself than what I saw. I sent an email asking to have something customized and was floored by the quick response, Robert’s desire to make it perfect for my personality and the willingness to completely customize it. I received my wallet a couple of days ago and I’m very impressed. If the customer service wasn’t enough to justify the cost of the wallet, the wallet itself is underpriced. Its low profile is impressive and the built quality is very impressive. No wonder he’s got a take it to the grave guarantee…it’s built to last! I’ve got mine. Get yours.

  53. Cody (verified owner)

    This is the last wallet that you will have to buy. Why? Because of the exceptional quality and Vvego’s “Take it to the grave warranty.” I’ve honestly never cared for leather wallets. I had always owned department store brands made out of thin leathers that would wear out in a shorter period of time. I started trying better leather products including many of the major brands out there; Saddleback, Colonel Littleton, Cowboy Leather, etc and while the products were good quality I just didn’t care for them. I was carrying a metal wallet and while it was thin and durable it didn’t play nice with other items in my pocket. I came accross the Vvault wallet and really enjoyed the design. Robert was very hands on with customer service. He emailed me every step of the way. I had a custom graphic I wanted engraved and he made it happen. It looks great and is a piece I am very proud of. Thank you again to Vvego and Robert! He did not rest until he knew that I was 100% satisfied!

  54. Larry (verified owner)

    Over the last 25 years I have been carrying my wallet in my front pocket. Finding that perfect wallet has never happened. I recently purchased a high end wallet that advertised it was for front pocket carry. It’s nice, but too big for carrying it in my front pocket. Looking online I found Vvego and instantly loved the looks and all the positive reviews. I read that the Robert the owner even called or emailed customers almost immediately even after hours. Being that it was after hours, I put Robert to the test, (just for fun). Sure enough, a short time later he called me. Every business owner should be like Robert if they want to be successful, he is awesome. I ordered my wallet in the natural leather with black carbon fiber. When I received the wallet, I was totally impressed and satisfied with my purchase. Super nice leather, incredible stitching and the carbon fiber is cool. This wallet will last forever and get better with time. Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, Robert follows up on your purchase personally, incredible customer service. I keep 3 credit cards, 1 passport card, retired ID and my medical benefit card in the wallet and they fit nicely. I’m recommending that if your looking for a cool, high quality wallet…buy one of Robert’s wallets…you will be happy for sure.

  55. Richard Hicks

    I got a front pocket Vvault wallet. It is built really well..it is the best wallet I have ever had..you can’t go wrong with this wallet, whether for yourself or as a gift.. Its built grunt proof unless you cut the stitching you won’t break it..and if you do Robert said it has a take it to the grave warranty… That, my friends, is a guarantee I wish all businesses had.Richard Hicks Florida USA.

  56. Donald Enos

    I received my Vvault wallet a few days ago and I couldn’t be happier! I had heard great things about them, and really liked the looks…….but I was totally blown away upon it’s arrival. The materials, quality, and style are all second to none. I’ve never really been a front pocket wallet person, but even with 6 cards and a few folded up bills this wallet fits very comfortably right in my back pocket as well. I would highly recommend Vvego wallets to anyone looking for an attractive, durable, minimalist wallet. Thanks Robert and Team V!!!

  57. Corey Swymer

    I received my Vvault Wallet yesterday and I am very impressed to say the least! The craftsmanship and quality of this product are top notch! The customer service is second to none. Robert contacted me personally to make sure the wallet had arrived and that I was completely satisfied. As a customer, that means a lot to me and says a lot about this company. If you are looking for a high quality wallet that looks great and is made to last; look no further! Thanks to Robert and the Vvego team for an exceptional product!

  58. Jared

    What can I say about my black with silver carbon and snap money clip Vvault? Well, I can say that all my other pockets are now jealous. I can say that this MOMA worthy piece of fine leather will likely out last me. I can say that if Bruce Banner owened one if wouldn’t be able to become the Hulk because he wouldn’t be able to be mad with a V aunt in his pocket. I can say that I love it. Vvego/Robert Porter is an amazing craftsman and one heck of a nice guy. Customer service is second to none and they have truly earned a customer for life. If you are on the fence….don’t be. Jump off of that fence and place an order, you’ll be happy you did. My Vvault is my first but it will most definitely not be my last.

  59. Chris

    I had Robert make me one using custom material almost 6months ago. I use it every day, and I get compliments on it whenever someone notices the contrast of the bright red carbon fiber liner to the dark leather I chose. So far the wallet looks the same as the day it was hand delivered to me, with tight stitching and no visible wear, even though I keep it stuffed with 10 cards in it. Up next is a football wallet.

  60. Josh Huck

    First and foremost the personal attention I received from Robert was amazing and refreshing. He was truly genuine in his care and concern to make sure that I received a quality and personal product. This is unheard of these days and was very refreshing.

    Secondly, the Front Pocket wallet arrived and it is perfect. The quality of the leather is solid. The stitching is solid. The color of the leather is perfect…it is def a product that will hold up to years or wear and tear. I’m honored to carry such an awesome piece of craftsmanship. Fits perfectly in the front pocket without being bulky.

    You get what you pay for, not only in quality of product but in customer service as well. Highly recommend this company. I will be ordering from them again.

    Well done, thank you guys!

  61. Alex

    This company is top of the line. Excellent customer service and quality product. I got the front pocket wallet and it is the best wallet I have ever owned. It’s durable and minimalist. As an American Soldier, their service and support has been second to none. Totally thankful for the staff and this company.

  62. Brian McGinty

    I knew I was going to like this wallet and I do! although what I’m most impressed with is the customer service I received for my custom order. CANNOT go wrong with a great product paired with great service!

  63. Leeron Webb (verified owner)

    This is the highest quality wallet I have ever owned and it is unique – it’s like having a wallet for the first time again. It’s rugged construction and simplicity (no opening, folding, snapping, etc.) feels like a katana. Gotta echo my buddy Brian McGinty below when he says that the customer service is A1 at Vvego. I got a personalized email when I placed my order and the conversation kept going until days after I received my wallet. Vvego really cares about your experience!

  64. Mark (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a high quality “front pocket” type wallet for some time. The search is over! I received my Vvault wallet today in black with a blue carbon fiber accent. It is truly better than what I expected. Extremely high quality materials and very well made! The leather is superb, and the finish is awesome as well. I plan to order other leather colors in the very near future.
    In addition to the product being outstanding – the customer service, attentiveness to their clients, and overall ordering process was excellent. You simply cannot ask for a better experience.
    I look forward to doing business with this company much more!

  65. John (verified owner)

    I was in the market for a simple leather lightweight front pocket wallet. I wanted a wallet with the capacity to carry a total of 5 cards, and 5 tri-folded bills. I was in the market for a small / lightweight front pocket wallet with good retention properties. I received the wallet from Robert in just a few days, and use it to hold two small ID cards in the front compartment and three cards in the back (main?) compartment. I tri-fold my bills and stow them in either the front or rear compartment. The profile of the wallet is low, weight very light, and most importantly everything stay in place. Robert’s customer service is second to none, a throwback, to the days of when the person selling you something was genuinely concerned that you were satisfied with the goods he provides. If you are in the market for a front pocket wallet, you really can’t go wrong with Vvault. And One last thing, lots of products claim a “life time guarantee” , and at the end of the day don’t deliver for one reason or another, I have no doubt if you have an issue with one of Robert’s products, he’ll make it right.

  66. Richard Haltom

    After sending an email inquiry and receiving a phone call from Robert within 5 minutes I knew I’d be doing business with him.
    His suggestions combined with my ideas created the exact wallet I wanted, a Vvault with pockets on both sides as well as the center slot.
    The level of communication was way above average and the finished piece is way above my expectations.
    The only issue I have now is what to order next. I’m a Vvego customer from now on.

  67. Jacob

    I was given this wallet as a gift. It has been awesome. I never thought I would like a minimalist wallet but I love this one. I accidentally gave it a bath in my washing machine. Robert speedily and easily gave it the spa treatment, sent it right back to me. It has a little more character now. I intend on using this wallet until I fall to pieces or it does. I have a feeling I will fall apart before me wallet.

  68. Michael Ianneo (verified owner)

    I wrote my review on October 21, 2013. I was the 4th review. Today is April 28, 2017. I’ve used my Vvault front pocket wallet everyday. How has my wallet held up over the past 3 and a half years? It actually gets better with age. Every stitch is holding strong. This wallet is made to last a lifetime. Worth every penny. This is seriously the best wallet I’ve ever owned in my life. I still get compliments on my wallet almost every time someone sees me take it out. Using it everyday has stretched the leather a bit I can actually hold more card than I can on the first day but it still looks as new as it did on day one. This is true quality and deserves a second review. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase back in 2013. Most wallets fall apart after four years. Not this one. This is the best minimalist wallet available anywhere. Thank you Robert! Your the best leather craftsman around.

  69. Stefanie Rogers (verified owner)

    I ordered this wallet in black for my husband as a gift and am so happy I did!  The wallet is very well designed and looks great. My order shipped quciker than expected and the packaging was perfect, including a handwritten note from Robert.  The personal level of customer service with this company is outstanding. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you!!

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