Vvault Series: Genuine Alligator Front Pocket Wallet

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We Went Into The Swamp & Wrestled A Gator Just To Build You One Wicked Front Pocket Wallet

 How Cool Is That?

  OK…So Maybe It Didn’t Go Down Exactly That Way


We Did Add A Real Carbon Fiber Lining

So You Can Have

   An Awesome Wallet That Is The Real Deal 

  • Holds 4-6 Cards In 2 Pockets
  • Hand Built From 5 Separate Layers
  • Stitched With Heavy Duty Saddle Thread
  • RARE-Only Small Batches Of These Are Built
  • Each Wallet Is Unique & May Differ Slightly Than The Image
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty

Please Allow About 2 Weeks To Build Your Order

The Wait Will Be Worth It

We Promise

  Grab Your New Gator Wallet Here



What if you bought our Genuine Alligator front pocket wallet? Would your friends start calling you the “Alligator Hunter”? As long as you don’t end up like the late Steve Irwin, what’s the harm? Alligators are throw-backs to the Cretaceous Era. There… Just made you an expert. Stay in a Holiday Inn Express® and you’ll know all you need to know. Yeah, could happen. At least that’s what the TV says.

14 reviews for Vvault Series: Genuine Alligator Front Pocket Wallet

  1. John Wannen (verified owner)

    Great product and RP’s personal touch and packaging are big plus (great gifts).

  2. Garrett Boye

    I was blown away by my first impressions of both this wallet and Customer Service, and after a few months of every day carry and use I stand by that! The quality of leather is top-notch, and the carbon fiber linings make for a very sharp look. It easily holds my IDs, credit card, and several business cards in the middle slot, along with bills in the front (folded obviously, so something to think about if you carry huge wads) for easy access. Stitching and craftsmanship are flawless, and the colour of leather stain contrasts nicely with the liners and stitching. I’m sure this wallet will stand the test of time, and I can’t wait to add more Vvego products to my pockets! Highly recommended by myself, and great personal customer service. 10/10!

  3. Perikles Alexander

    An amazing, unique, awesome wallet that definitely looks like it will last longer than I will. I love it! And I can’t say enough good things about Robert and his customer service. I ordered a different wallet at first and though it was beautiful, it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Robert warmly took it back and exchanged it for this one, which is exactly what I want/need. And there was no additional charge or even a hint of hesitation, in fact, Robert’s comments actually made me feel good about returning the first wallet. I couldn’t be more pleased with the wallet or the service I received!

  4. Adrian Baldwin

    Well built, great quality. I switched from another front pocket wallet, and couldn’t be happier. Carries what I had in the other. The black Alligator contrasts with the carbon fiber liner for a sleek look. Also having the cards and such recessed is a neat feature.

  5. Torbjorn Andersson (verified owner)

    Immediately when you place the order you will be aware of Vvego’s outstanding customer service and their genuine interest in your satisfaction. And it’s not something that ends when you pay. They really make an effort in making sure that you are pleased.
    The wallet itself is superb. It oozes luxury, but unlike similar products it’s extremely rugged and sturdy. You don’t get the impression that you need to handle this with care. It simply won’t fall apart, just aging with dignity.
    The quality of the leather is top notch. I was a bit concerned that the alligator leather would be too stiff, but it’s not, just sturdy. The craftsmanship is excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this wallet to anyone who’s looking for a really nice, heavy duty, small wallet.

  6. Gilbert

    I needed to slim down my wallet. After over a decade of carrying it around, I decided it was time to slim it down. I was very picky about what I wanted and needed something that would last. Then I came across this gem. This wallet looks fantastic and keeps just what you NEED. License – check, a debit, credit, and health insurance card – check. Plus I threw in another card and some folded up bills! These all fit snug and so be sure you are ready to pack light. Now I LOVE to carry my wallet and don’t “forget” it as often anymore. The best parts: it’s shorter, and just as thin as my current cell phone (iPhone 5), with everything in it, & looks and feels like it’s built to last!

  7. John DeForest

    I just bought 3 of the Vvualts alligator cognac color for myself and 2 friends with a solid steel money clip on the back side.
    I am very impressed with the professionalism And craftsmanship of Vvego. Plus the way the treat each and every order in such as such a top priority as they do, plus timeliness even of even custom builds.You can tell them what you want and they will build it exactly as you want it.
    Their designs are both functional and futuristic and truly outstanding and built with the quality that I have only experienced with the Native American leather crafters. Plus they guarantee their workmanship for a life time.
    I know of no where else where they stand behind their workmanship as Vvego does.
    I have made a true friendship with Robert Porter and once again have found someplace to go for all of my leather work custom or otherwise, and plan on being a return customer. You can believe I am spreading the word about Vvego.

  8. John DeForest

    I forgot to thank the entire team at Vvego for the great work that they do also. I’d say their a winning combination of team work design craftsmanship and quality that they are not afraid to stand behind.
    Now that’s something rare in this world and something to be proud of. 👊 To all of you for a job well done

  9. Perikles Alexander

    This is a follow up review one year later. Wow! This wallet has travelled with me on a motorcycle trip throughout Peru as well as motorcycle trips through Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, France and Andorra and has been taken with me on a mission trip to Uganda. And of course, it is used everyday at home as well. It is SO convenient and so easy to put in a small waist pack while traveling on a motorcycle and to pull out as needed. And even though I once accidentally put it through the washing machine (!) it is still looking and holding up perfectly! In fact, I enjoy looking at this beautiful wallet so much that I pull it out and place it on my desk when at work just to be able to look at it from time to time. If this is the style wallet you are looking for, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

  10. Ken Powers (verified owner)

    I have had a couple days to carry this amazing wallet and I am very impressed. It is my first switch to using a minimalist wallet and it fits perfectly in my front pocket which is going to be great for my back. The build quality of the wallet is first-rate and I couldn’t be happier with the character of the alligator leather that was used to produce it. I can tell that this wallet will be with me for years to come. I was able to put about 6 cards and some cash into it which is going to be the perfect setup for me.

    Thanks for the great customer service and a fantastic product.

  11. Richard (verified owner)

    This wallet is incredible. I have four Vvault wallets and the only minimalist wallets I carry. Quality is absolutely the best and Robert always makes you feel like you’re his number one customer. I give Vvego and their products my highest recommendation.

  12. Richard Roscow (verified owner)

    Beautiful, tactile and fantastic craftsmanship on this wallet plus Robert is on top of his game like no other business and that is no BS. They are a small American business that pays attention to the details, you will not be disappointed. I tip my hat to Robert and his crew.

  13. Yoshinori Ikarashi (verified owner)

    I deeply love it. Since the first day I started using the wallet, it’s my everyday pleasure feeling very comfortable and proud of the texture of gator leather in my palm when I pull out the wallet from pocket. It’s very carefully sewn and edges are well treated. There’s great combination of design, craftsmanship and materials.
    I put my two credit cards plus $20 bucks in the front pocket, Driver license and Bank card, member card and additional $20 bucks in center pocket, results 5 cards and some bucks in total which perfectly satisfies my daily use. Carbon Fiber liner behind the pockets gives smooth operation of pull and put cards even with the tight minimal design. Carbon Fiber also gives nice strength to the small wallet. I’d used another Gator small wallet for last 6 years then switched to the one, it definitely will be my partner wallet for next years.

  14. wael m (verified owner)

    first of all i have to say this is a badass wallet,

    great craftsmanship, the leather feels different than any other wallet i own,

    wallet feels amazing like i want to keep it in my hand all time,

    minimal and compact, even though i made custom order for a bigger three pocket wallet, great job 🙂

    last but not least mr Robert Foster, this guy made me feel like i was dealing with a 5 star resort, gave attention to every detail i asked, a great man indeed, 

    btw.. im buying another one in a different collor sooner than you think 🙂

    i give the whole experience AAA+++ trust me dont miss out !

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