Genuine American Bison Vvault Front Pocket Wallet

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Luxurious Strength Built Into The Most Durable Wallet You’ll Ever Own

Constructed One At A Time From Genuine Bison Leather That’s Buttery Soft Yet Strong As Steel

  • Holds 4-6 Cards In 2 Pockets
  • Hand Built From 5 Separate Layers
  • Stitched With Heavy Duty Saddle Thread
  • RARE-Only Small Batches Of These Are Built
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To Take It To The Grave Warranty

You’l Roll Like A Boss

‘Cause Your Wallet Is Lined With Real Carbon Fiber 

Cool Is On

  * Leather Color & Texture May Vary Slightly

​Please Allow Us About 2 Weeks To Build Your Order

The Wait Will Be Worth It

  We Promise


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What’s more American than the stately bison? Thank heaven they’re no longer an endangered species. Still, when we lose one, isn’t it a good idea to use every part we can as a sign of respect? That’s what Native American tribes did back in the day. So… We are using the American bison in our Vvault Front Pocket Wallet. It’s soft, it’s cool, and it gives you a tiny piece of history for the back of your mind. Nice!

4 reviews for Genuine American Bison Vvault Front Pocket Wallet

  1. Richie Cruz

    I just received my bison and black carbon fiber Vvault today and I am completely floored. Pictures don’t do your work justice and I understand what all the rave reviews were about. The bison leather is even cooler than I expected. The leather has loads of visual character and texture (which I love) yet is super soft to the touch. On top of that, the craftsmanship is the finest I’ve seen and the wallet just feels bombproof. I feel like I’d be doing Robert and the Vvego team a disservice if I didn’t talk about their customer service. Robert provides the best customer service I’ve ever experienced…period. He walked me through every step and made me genuinely feel part of the process. Become a part of the Vvego family, you won’t regret it for a second.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Working with Vvego was absolutely terrific. Expect unparalleled customer service–the kind you just can’t get from big companies–and periodic updates throughout until the wallet is in your hand (and maybe a few after). You should know that your wallet might look different than those in the pictures. Mine has significantly less texture than appears in the sample photos. When I first saw it, I was slightly disappointed. But upon closer inspection, and after some reflection, I decided that the combination of quality and character in my Vvault was worth the price.

  3. Shannon Barnett (verified owner)

    For my review I am going to copy an email that I sent to Robert when I first received my wallet, I think that says it all…………

    I am so sorry that I did not hit you when it landed…. I have been
    On the run all weekend…. The best part about that is that
    I had my new Wallet!!! I can’t even Begin to tell
    You how much I LOVE my new wallet!
    I have many custom made knives,Bows,archery quivers
    And other equipment.
    These items are all beautiful, functional and made
    To last a lifetime.
    I am more than happy and proud to know that I
    Found your website and that I can now include
    My wallet in that catagory, I have been through
    Many wallets in my life, some very expensive,
    Most very disappointing until now,
    I fully believe in the old adage that you get what
    You pay for, and I hate cheap shit!!!!!
    I hope that this is the last wallet I need to buy yet
    I find myself sadend by the fact that my experience
    With your Customer service was amazing……… I wish
    I needed to but many more wallets.
    I hope to buy wallets for my sons in the future.
    Thank you guy’s for being dedicated to bringing
    quality to those that understand that handmade
    Products and People paying personal attention
    to detail are what founded this country and the
    Products that will be around till the end!!
    And best of all, I have had the wallet in my pocket
    For 3 days and I almost forget it is there….. I love it.
    Thank you so much.


  4. James Montgomery

    I just received my Vvault and I am extremely happy. I am the guy who is very practical. I’m not flashy and would be the first to say I can buy a wallet in a store and the quality would be comparable to the price for this wallet. Boy am I wrong. This is a superior product and I could not be happier. Robert and his team are phenomenal and I can’t say enough good things about them. The stitching and construction will last beyond my lifetime. Thank you Robert and the Team for taking care of me.

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