Genuine Sharkskin Vvault Front Pocket Wallet

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A Rare American Made Front Pocket Wallet Built From Genuine Sharkskin
 Crazy Durable
So Thin It’ll Almost Disappear In Your Pocket 
  • Holds 4-6 Cards In 2 Pockets…Each Pocket Is Lined w/ Real Carbon Fiber
  • Hand Built From 5 Separate Layers
  • Stitched With Heavy Duty Saddle Thread
  • RARE-Only Small Batches Of These Are Built
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty

  Picture You Carrying This 

Be An Apex Predator 



Sharks are cool. Though not all of them move constantly and never sleep in the human way, they’re not only dangerous but interesting. So is this genuine sharkskin Vvault front pocket wallet. Do you watch Shark Week? ‘Nough said.

17 reviews for Genuine Sharkskin Vvault Front Pocket Wallet

  1. Alex Gener

    Robert and his team at Vvego made me the perfect front pocket wallet. Excellent fit and finish in every detail. I have been searching for a wallet like this for a long time. I plan on carrying it for life, hell my family could bury me with it! Robert provided me with the best customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you very much. You have made a customer for life. Keep up the great work guys!

    • Robert Porter


      Thank you for weighing in on your recent purchase…The sharkskin Vvault is one of the coolest pieces we build. It’s very durable leather.

      Team Vvego

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Great wallet, quality and material far exceeded expectations. Robert and his team provide amazing service.

    • Robert Porter


      That sharkskin Vvault Of yours is one of the toughest front pocket wallets we offer.

      Thank you for being on the team.

      Team Vvego

  3. Tim Lawson

    What an amazing wallet. This wallet just blows me away in quality and craftsmanship and I’m sure I will last a lifetime. The Shark Skin is thick and flawless. The red lining makes the whole wallet pop. The snap clip is rigid and strong and will hold a nice knot of cash. Robert went way out of his way for me and processed my order over a holiday weekend, taking time out of his weekend to email me several times to assure my needs were met. I’ve never seen this level of customer service. There was a box, and in that box was a nicer box, and inside the nicer box was a velvet pouch, and inside that was the nicest wallet I’ve ever seen! There was even a handwritten note from Robert himself! Thank You Robert and Vvego team!

  4. wolf (verified owner)

    Think shark, more than sharkskin.
    This piece of EDC is sleek, formidable and indestructible.
    It is subtle, it is elegant, and will carry exactly what you need.
    Every man should have one.
    For once, buy something you won’t regret. Ever.

  5. Thomas Smith

    This is the most beautiful wallet I’ve ever owned! Vvego really knocked it out of the park with this one! I can’t say enough about how happy I am with this product. The craftmanship is second to none. I highly recommend Vvego products to everyone looking for an amazing wallet. The sharskin matched with the carbon fiber is sharp and beautiful. Love, love, love it!

  6. Steve

    I’ve been searching for the perfect front pocket wallet for years. I’ve went through many cheap wallets only to have them stretch out and become unusable within months. Not to mention they didn’t look good. When I opened up the Sharkskin Vvault Front Pocket Wallet I was floored. The Sharkskin feels like it would survive a bomb but looks as elegant and high end as any wallet I’ve ever seen. The stitching is perfect and the red CF makes it pop. I have no concerns about any of my cards falling out but they’re still easy to access. I feel very confident that I’ve found the last wallet I’ll ever need. Robert was also there for me with any questions or concerns and has reassured me that if I ever have an issue his team will take care of me, no questions asked. He even gave me his personal number, amazing customer service… I will buy from Vvego again. (But not because this wallet has failed because I’m confident that it wont)

  7. Sean Perez

    Hello all,
    The Sharkskin Front Pocket Vvault is an absolute gorgeous, functional, well designed, and amazingly crafted wallet. Sharkskin leather is amazing; elegant, durable, wonderful texture, kind of stretchy, and still has that leather smell. Stellar craftsmanship on this piece. I appreciate quality and this is one of the finest wallets I’ve owned. Great job Vvego! Let me finish by saying that Robert is one of the greats. Genuine fellow and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks!

  8. Alexander

    This is the most awesome and unique slim/minimalist wallet that you can find. It can easily hold up to 10 cards. It’s build like a tank! Shark skin feels like it can stop a bullet! Perfect size for front pocket, shirt pocket or even back pocket, you won’t even know it’s there. Unique design allows you to have your quick draw card, maybe few quartered bills in the front pocket and rest of less used cards or some cash in the main pocket. Did you know that the second pocket also lined with Carbon Fiber (not the one that you can see in the pic)? That makes it even more awesome! Nicely finished edges, stitching is perfect, this will last… well probably forever 
    Customer’s service is best to none. Thank you Robert and Team Vvego!

    P.S. Shark Week is coming 😀

  9. Stephen K

    Slim, stylish and elegant. This what comes to mind when I look at my wallet. I love the fact that I can get everything I need in it, without it feeling bulky. Excellent craftsmanship and durable materials all go into making this a lifetime purchase.
    On top of all this you get superior customer service, what more could you ask for?

    Thank you Robert and Team

  10. Mitchell Martha

    I purchased this wallet on the secondary market but that didn’t stop Robert from contacting me publicly to let me know that the “take it to the grave” warranty follows the wallet and to contact him if I had any issues. I’m thoroughly impressed with this level of customer service. About a week later I had the wallet in hand and WOW! The craftsmanship is impressive. I have no doubt that this wallet will last me a lifetime.

    I’ve been so impressed with the quality of their products and customer service that I’m currently in the process of ordering a second Vvault (a glove wallet). Robert even sent me photos of different gloves to pick from and is working with me to make sure the wallet is exactly what I’m looking for. His communication and professionalism is off the charts.

    Thank you Robert and I look forward to being part of the Vvego team for the second time!

  11. Chris Tran

    This is a top quality wallet with a top notch customer services. Robert and his team went out of his way on everything I’ve requested and delivered a product that feels luxurious as any high dollar name brand wallets. I am also really impress with the customer services that he have provided. Robert will make sure that you are satisfy with your purchase. Do not hesitate If you are thinking about purchasing a wallet from Robert. You will not come away disappointed. Out of a 10 point system rating, I would give Robert and his team a score of 11. I’m that satisfy!

  12. James Cummings

    What can I say, except, this wallet is nothing short of amazing. These are Extremely well built and elegantly crafted. I’ve been in search of a front pocket wallet for a very long time, I found one of these on the secondary market and immediately picked it up. As soon as I recived it Robert contacted me and notified me that each wallet he makes has a take it to the grave warranty, which I doubt I’ll ever need to use. I 100% recommend this or any of his wallets to anyone looking.

  13. Izzy Zarsadias

    The Sharkskin front pocket wallet is the perfect companion. For those hunting a capable minimalist wallet, this one is the bomb. Perfect capacity for the necessities without unnecessary fluff. The carbon fiber lining, while quite aesthetically striking, provides just enough retention of the wallet contents to keep everything secure. Top shelf fit and finish from a true gentleman. Thank you again Robert!

  14. Jason Crespo

    The Vvego Vvault will change your life!

    I used to suffer from chronic butt pain. I was an unhappy, lopsided lump of a man–with a lumpy wallet. My beautiful sharkskin Vvault literally realigned my chakras.

    Now I’m happily married and have a beautiful child with an uncle in Alabama named Bob. And I’m posting this from my poolside patio.

    You get the point.

    Not only do I have the most beautiful, simply-sophisticated wallet I’ve ever owned, but I have a piece of art from a good man who gives back to his community.

    Buy 10 Vvaults and give them to the people you love the most. I’m confident each of them will become a happier person.

    And you will be a hero!

  15. Richard

    This wallet is fantastic. I have been searching for a quality thin front pocket wallet and this wallet exceeds my expectations. Cards fit comfortably and securely in the wallet and is very comfortable in my front pocket. I am buying another Vvault wallet for the other front pocket. Customer service and communication is top shelve. I highly recommend this wallet and Vvego International to anyone looking for a premium front pocket wallet.

  16. Tony Randazzo (verified owner)

    I Got this wallet July 2015 and still has no sign of wear, as a matter of fact it still looks new . I recommend having the money clip added. This is made like when MADE IN AMERICA meant quality.

  17. Cody

    A couple of years ago I discovered Vvego and Robert Porter. After some discussion about wallets I ended up ordering my first Vvault. I really dug that wallet and ended up losing it. RP took care of me no questions asked and even customized my new wallet with an idea that I had. After carrying my custom leather Vvault for a year I realized that I was cramming too much stuff in it and it was a little too minimal for me these days. So I contacted RP he suggested a folding Vvault wallet and suggested shark skin to keep it thin. He told me; this material is thin but not cheap it is like steel; trust me. Of course I trust the man, he’s never steered me wrong and has always taken care of me. Talking with RP is like talking to an old friend. He’s the epitome of class, excellent CS, and I cannot recommend Vvego enough because of it. My wallet isn’t the exact same as this it’s a custom piece to hold more but trust me; shark skin is where it’s at. Thin and super tough. Team V for life!

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