Ice Boot Black Rubber Recycled Wallet

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Looking For The Ultimate Recycled Wallet That Comes Complete With A History Of Badassness?

Here’s A Secret Little Gem Of A Wallet

Built From   

The Stealth Black Rubber Material Used On The Leading Edges Of Aircraft Wings To Shuck Ice 


  • Yep, Pilots Inflate & Deflate This Unusual Material To Remove Ice From Wings At Altitude
  • Holds 4-6 Cards
  • Now, It’s Your Cool New Wallet That’s Been Tested

By Extreme Heat

By Freezing Cold

-By Bird Strikes

The Lining Is Amped Up With Real Carbon Fiber


Backed Forever With Our 

Take It To The Grave Warranty 

You Get The Picture

Now Get Your New Wallet Right Here

(*Very Limited Quantities*)



Who would have thunk of making a wallet from the black rubber on airplane wing boots? WE did.

This recycled black rubber makes a darned fine wallet. And it’s sturdy and holds your stuff. Why is that double great? Because as an airplane part, that black rubber has been tested! It’s impervious to freezing temperatures, extreme heat, and well… It’ll be fine if a bird tries to dive bomb it. Yep… This wallet is for life! (Backed by our Take it to the Grave Warranty, maybe two lifetimes. Who knows?)

10 reviews for Ice Boot Black Rubber Recycled Wallet

  1. Ron Hoser

    This piece is bombproof. If you tend to destroy the things that ride in your pockets daily, this is for you. If you want supple, go with the leather version. If you want indestructible, here it is. Love the carbon divider, which is slick enough to eliminate abrasion to the surface of the cards. Well executed.

  2. Don Fuller

    This is just another reason to buy a wallet or other products from Vvego. The design, the construction, the cool factor. I actually work on aircraft that have de-ice boots and its quite cool to see them repurposed and made in to something not only useful but completly out of the ordinary. Robert and his team have done it again with a recycled material and turned out a top end product, and knowing the material I have to agree with the last review… this wallet is indestructible.

  3. Alex Picciuolo

    It is made of a deicing boot taken off an airplane. How cool is that? When the boots are taken off after their use cycle, mandated by the FAA, they are usually discarded. WELL NOT ANY MORE!!! Now you can own a wallet made out of this nearly indestructible material.

    It has a REAL carbon fiber recycled divider, and this puppy is totally convenient when you just need your ID and a bank or credit card.

    It came packaged in a nice gift box and velvet drawstring pouch and included a hand written note from Robert Porter, himself. (Who does that anymore; it’s such a awesome touch…)

    It is guaranteed for LIFE with Vvego’s Take It To The Grave Warranty. Also very cool.

    I’m incredibly pleased with the craftsmanship of this slim wallet. This makes a great gift for the aviation affectionado in your life.

    At Terrapin Outfitters, we are ALWAYS on the lookout for things that craftsmen and women make using UP-Cycled materials. This item is a home run. Additionally, the company has many unique and great looking items that meld with a wide variety of tastes. They CATER to discerning fans of the EDC world.

    Keep up the good work RP; it’s great to be part of your team!

  4. Troy Everette

    I just received an Ice Boot Wallet and couldn’t be more impressed!
    Thanks Team V!

  5. Troy Everette

    I received the Ice Boot Wallet courtesy of Robert Porter and Team V. If you want to carry the very best made, toughest and best looking wallet the Ice Boot fits the bill! First of all its a rarely seen material that’s being recycled. It’s as tough as can be with a look of its own. The guys at Team V even lazored my Spartan “MOLON LABE” tattoo on it! It’s very slim but perfect for those times when you don’t want or need a big lump in your pocket. Plenty of room for ID, credit cards and folding money plus I am pretty sure it’s bullet proof so the contents are well protected! It’s even Carbon Fiber reinforced! Hows that for tough? Even though it’s made of rubber that’s actually been on a plane and been exposed to everykind of extreme weather and strikes from all kinds of things everyone that sees mine thinks it’s some kind of heavy duty leather!
    I couldn’t be happier with my wallet and on top of that I received a custom made leather tag with my earlier mentioned tattoo lazored onto it, it came in a velvet bag enclosed in a very nice box with a personal note from Robert Porter! You just don’t get that kind of service anymore and he’s always happy to answer questions and went to lengths to get mine just like I wanted it just because he wanted me to have it exactly like I wanted it. So for most of your daily carry stuff give Vvego a try, you will be glad. You not only get something made to last forever, it’s guaranteed to! Now not only do I have a very easy to carry wallet that’s going to protect my stuff but it’s also a conversation poece. I like to play “Guess what this is made of?” So far no one has guessed right but when they find out they are blown away! I highly recommend Vvego and the guys at Team V, give Robert a shout if you have any questions. He’s more than glad to hear from his customers before and after the purchase because he wants to make sure you get exactly what you want! If you want the best go no further!
    Thanks Team V, I not only got greatly crafted goods but new friends as well!

  6. Brad Rossner (verified owner)

    I was looking for a new wallet so I posted in a group on Facebook who’s opinions I value (these folks are critical on edc gear and pull no punches) . This lead me to team Vvego and Robert Port . After looking through the wallets I felt this one was for me, I like my edc to look cool but above all I demand durability, functionality and light weight. This wallet has all three of those not to mention I was treated like an old friend and a long time customer on my first purchase . Made in America by a company that treats you like this you can’t go wrong with any of their products in my opinion.

  7. Mark Suchecki (verified owner)

    Love my Ice Boot wallet. Was looking to slim down on what I carry (as a small part of an overall philosophy to divest myself of too much stuff in general) and this fits the bill. Be warned, though, it is very slim. I carry five cards and it is tight; no room left for folding money. Its a great conversation starter, though. I’ve already received comments when reaching to pay a bar tab. As previous reviewers have mentioned, no one will ever guess what its made of. Quality is top notch, its constructed of an exotic but tough material, and the personal service and attention from Robert, the owner Vvego, is second to none.

  8. Brandy Hastings (verified owner)

    This is my Second wallet I have purchased from Robert and Team Vvego. The Ice Boot Wallet is
    By far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Thank you!!!!!

  9. Jeremy

    As an engineer, I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of each piece I received. The backstory and use of the materials alone was enough to impress me. Robert and his team did a fantastic job with my wallet and carbon fiber money clip. Unfortunately, the wallet wasn’t large enough to hold all of my cards. I emailed the team about my issue and right away they were responsive and more then willing to accommodate my needs. They replaced my wallet with a slightly larger variation at no charge. I couldn’t be happier! I will be recommending their products to my coworkers, friends and family.

  10. Brian Stuart (verified owner)

    As an A&P Mechanic, I have spent many hours repairing De-ice boots on the leading edges of many Q400’s. It is really cool carrying around a part of an Airplane that I could have actually worked on.

    The construction is fantastic. Very well made. Credit cards and cash fit in it nicely.

    Working with Robert was great, very good communication, and the shipping was FAST!!! The wallet arrived in a nice box, with a pack of Oreo Cookies!! What a nice touch!

    After talking with Robert I decided to place a special order for a 2nd wallet, it will be a Shark skin and Kangaroo bi-fold wallet. I can’t wait for that to arrive.

    Thank You Robert and everyone at Team V!

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