Outlaw Super Alloy Bottle Opener — Multi-Tool

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Bottles Must Be Opened…Here’s An Unique Bottle Opener For Your Every Day Carry Kit, And It’s Bringin’ The Aircraft Grade Super Alloy With It 

Originally Issued As A Jet/Turbine Blade For Such Coolness As The C-130 Hercules Transport…Now, Carefully Machined Into The Perfect Bottle Opener/ Multi Tool 

 You’ll Only Find It Here 

  • Aircraft Grade Super Alloy-Gray Color
  • Bottle Opener-Key Fob-Scraper-Pry Bar-Standard Screw Driver-Hook Cutting Blade
  • Approximately 2 -7/16th’s” Long  x  5/8″ Wide
  • Weighs About 1oz.
  • Black Coated Aircraft Cable Lanyard Included
  • Limited Quantities
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty 

 Boss Like You Won’t Believe



Yeah, Outlaws in the Old West sure could have used one of these cool bottle opener/multi-tools. But those bad dudes weren’t around when this metal was machined.  (It was first issued as a Jet/Turbine Blade. So there’s that.) Strong, sturdy, and pretty amazing. This is EDC gear at its best.

Jesse James could have used it as a bottle opener for all that warm beer he drank. Or maybe he needed a place to keep his single key. (Houses didn’t have locks then, unless you count boards across them.) Or he could have used it as a scraper to get the mud off his boots. And yeah… He totally needed the pry bar for all those payroll trunks he found in the caboose of the trains he robbed. And OF COURSE, He needed a screw driver, because let’s face it…. Who doesn’t need to lock down a screw once in a while? And the hook cutting blade might have come in handy in case he was hung. Yeah, cut that rope, brother!

Nah… Jesse was a bad man. We all know that. But this little bottle opener isn’t bad at all. Get one while they last. These turbine blades don’t come around often, ya know.

14 reviews for Outlaw Super Alloy Bottle Opener — Multi-Tool

  1. Don from Savannah, GA (verified owner)

    This is quite unique & a very cool idea! I’ve never seen anything like it before. I had to order two, one for a gift and then one for myself.
    I work on aircraft engines and this was a have to have for me. Plus the turbine blade is super tough material and will be great as multi tool, bottle opener. I took mine camping with me this past weekend and it came in very handy in a several different areas from setting up to fishing to cooking. Very useful.
    Once again Vvego’s customer service is outstanding and very personable. Thanks to Robert and the staff for the time you take with the customer & to turn out a quality, well thought product.

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Don,

      Thanks For Giving Us Your Thoughts On The Outlaw Bottle Opener/Multi Tool. We Plan To Add More Unique EDC Gear To The Vvego Line Up In The Coming Months. RP

  2. Tom Wallace

    Great product. Besides it’s usefulness it’s very cool to hold in the hand…. Useful and cool on the Keychain. Another great product from the minds at VVego

    • Robert Porter

      Thanks Tom…Keep Your Outlaw Bottle Opener/Multi Tool Close. You Never Know When You’ll Need It. rp

  3. Tony Workman (verified owner)

    Great item, one of those things every guy or gal should have on there EDC list, love it , very sturdy and well made, can’t wait to see what other great stuff they come up with in the future. Thanks again

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Tony..We Have Several New EDC Items Coming Online Soon…I Hope You & Our Other Clients Find Them Useful & Cool. RP

  4. Zach Spenadel

    Another great product from Vvego. I received my Outlaw and immediately put it to the test. This bad boy pops tops with ease, has a recessed sharpened edge which allows you to cut things, without accidentally cutting yourself. Great addition to my keychain!
    Thanks Robert!

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Zach…The Metal In Your Outlaw Opener Is Crazy Tough…So Go Open Some More Bottles! RP

  5. Mikle (verified owner)

    Very interesting product! It is good that it is made not of simple steel but from the turbine Lockheed C-130 Hercules. It’s good idea! I recommend to everyone. It’s a pleasure to deal with Robert! Thanks a lot!

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Mikle For Being So Patient While Your Outlaw Opener/Multi Tool Was Delivered To Your Country. I’m Happy It Finally Arrived & That You Are Pleased With Your Latest Piece Of Every Day Carry Gear. RP

  6. John Lowney

    A great addition to my keychain. I travel a lot and this will become my go to bottle opener/multi-tool while on the road. Same unique blend of creativity and outstanding usefulness in the field. Nice job, Robert.

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You John. The Compact Size Of The Outlaw Bottle Opener/Multi Tool Makes It A Good Fit For A Key Chain. RP

  7. Rob Campbell (verified owner)

    The Outlaw is a unique and versatile new addition to my keyring. It opens bottles, cuts 550 cord, and it’s made from an old C-130 turbine blade. Service from Robert Porter was top notch, I got personalized contact emails during the entire order and shipping process. The Outlaws arrived in record time, well packaged and ready for use. I got one for myself and a couple extras as gifts. Really looking forward to future Vvego products!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Rob…Put That Outlaw Opener To Good Use. Open A Bottle For Team Vvego. RP

  8. Vinnie (verified owner)

    Great design, a sense of cool. Instant classic to my everyday carry. Again customer service was fantastic!

  9. K.Kim (verified owner)

    Outlaw Super Alloy Bottle Opener Multi Tool is a simple and unique looking gizmo. Looks and feels durable, made from an aircraft grade alloy and has a sleek gray color to it. Comes with the lanyard cable too… I would buy it again, but I have a feeling this item is going to last me a lifetime. Dealing with Robert was super easy. He is a straight forward guy and truly appreciates his customers. His customers services skills exceeded my expectations. Delivered his products as promised and then some. I would buy from him again.

  10. Andrew Tees (verified owner)

    Great little tool. Very light but solid looks good feels nice. Will make a great key ring. Robert has been very helpful with all aspects of this small international order and I hope to buy from him again soon.

  11. Kaniel (verified owner)

    This is an awesomely brilliant piece of equipment. I am stoked to begin having this in my pocket on a daily basis. I love the uniqueness and history of this item. Cant wait to put it to use. Customer service at Vvego, by Robert is top notch. Excellent dude to do business with. Already looking for my next purchase. Thanks again!!

  12. jacob (verified owner)

    Awesome product! It is my everyday carry tool and it’s very reliable. Very unique design, my friends are always asking me where they can get one. Thanks Robert

  13. Thomas Smith

    Love it! Great idea for an opener!

  14. Kyle (verified owner)

    Two words to describe the Outlaw: badass and unique. You won’t find another piece of EDC gear out there made from a superalloy like Inconel (except some of Robert’s other stuff!), making it truly a bragging item. Plus the aviation nerd in me is super happy to be able to carry around a piece of an aircraft. In terms of pure EDC, this thing does its job and does it well. Pops bottles like a pro, slices through whatever you need it to, and is tough and rugged enough to do its job without worry. Can’t recommend enough. Especially since Robert is such a pleasure to do business with.

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