Pivvot Leather Wallet with Carbon Fiber Lininig

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Here’s A Unique Leather Wallet Designed To Be Different


If You’re Looking For A Leather Wallet That’s High Voltage


This One Is Boss


It Fans Open Like A Deck Of Cards…Swiveling On Custom Titanium Hardware


  • Holds 6-8 Cards In 2 Separate Panels
  • Your Choice Of 3 Leather Colors
  • Your Choice Of 5 Lining Colors
  • Need A Money Clip? 2 Choices-A Snap Money Clip Or A Heavy Duty Belt Clip-Add One For Free If You Like
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warrant


​Please Allow Us About 2 Weeks To Build Your Order

The Wait Will Be Worth It

We Promise


You Can Get Yours Here…Right Now


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Carbon fiber is strong, and it lasts a lifetime. So does our handmade wallet — the Pivvot. It’s sleek and holds all your cards in one place. Or, put your bills in front and your cards in back. Whatever you decide, you’ll be very happy with this unique Leather wallet with tough Carbon Fiber Lining.

13 reviews for Pivvot Leather Wallet with Carbon Fiber Lininig

  1. Dylan Jones (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my purchase. The CEO Robert emailed me personally to ask me how I liked it. The personal touches were outstanding. The attention to detail was exceptional. I would rate the product and service as first rate. Thank you

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Dylan. Team Vvego Hopes You Enjoy Your New Wallet For Years & Years.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    I wanted to put this wallet to the test for 2 weeks before writing this review. Pros: Outstanding materials and craftsmanship, excellent leather (each panel is about 1/4 of an inch), super cool carbon fiber inner, outstanding pre-purchase to post-purchase service. One-of-a-kind design, which gets lots of compliments. Very likely indestructible, though I haven’t tried. Free, high-quality laser engraving. Potential drawbacks: if you need to fit more than 2-3 cards, you’ll need to either break it in or have Team Vvego do it. I opted to do it myself and it’s a slow process, which comes with the thick leather. Also, keep in mind your use if you need separate card pockets. In reality, I pull 1-2 cards out on a daily basis so this doesn’t affect my pattern of use. Easy to care for (I rubbed on some leather cleaner and protector since I like the new-look). All in all, after some getting used to a different design, I’m very happy with the wallet and look forward to decades of use. Thanks, Team Vvego.

    • Robert Porter

      Chris…Many Thanks For Review. Team Vvego hopes your new Pivvot wallet lasts you forever.

      Thanks for being part of our team. RP

  3. Patrick Lyons (verified owner)

    I was looking for a new wallet, preferably something that would (as a lean guy) let me sit for prolonged periods of time with less discomfort than your typical trifold. The Pivvot wallet caught my attention due to it’s versatility as a front or back-pocket carry. I read up on its development and was impressed by the design and craftsmanship. I’m happy to say that the wallet met all my expectations, and then some. It’s tough as nails, looks good, and is much more comfortable to carry around than your typical department store purchase. Vvego’s CEO Robert went beyond the extra mile, corresponding with me via e-mail, working in some give for my keys, and keeping me updated on my order status. I really appreciate Vvego’s craftsmanship and service – couldn’t be happier.

  4. John P (verified owner)

    Outstanding craftsmanship and highly practical. This is my most recent edition to various vvego products I’ve purchased, all of which have been five star, and I look forward to further additions to the line-up.

  5. Dexter King

    I love my new Vvego wallet. It’s built strong so cards don’t easily slip out if you turn it upside down, the money clip holds my cash tight, and the stitching along the edge is perfectly even. Robert has been emailing me personally keeping in touch with when it would be shipped, followed up to see how I liked it, and has been extremely friendly. Amazing product and even more amazing customer services. I will easily do more business.

  6. Eric Oakland (verified owner)

    The wallet was more than expected and so was the customer service. Robert was great with the follow ups on how the wallet was. It is good to know that there is quality craftsmanship here in America. This is a great wallet that will last a long time. Again, thank you for everything.

  7. Michael Salerno (verified owner)

    I received my Vvego wallet today and was I ever impressed. The quality and craftsmanship are second to none. It is a beautifully handcrafted , functional wallet . The fact that it is made right here in the United States makes it that much better. Robert was updating me on my purchase by email every step of the way. Customer service is simply awesome. I will carry my pivot wallet proudly, for years to come Im sure . Thanks again Robert . It has been a pleasure doing business with you .

  8. Vincent Lee (verified owner)

    I must say that the wallet fulfilled my expectations – the design was definitely unique, the quality of workmanship and the material used was exceptional. For sure, the look of the wallet has drawn much interest since I started using it (flashing it around to show off) but its unique design and ease of use is unmatched. I am also very much impressed by Uncle Bobby’s follow through on the entire process – once again, exceptional. I would advise all who are interested in this product not to delay further – get yours today!

  9. John (verified owner)

    Great service and great wallet. Love the design and very handy for everyday use.

  10. Robert Roselle (verified owner)

    I had been looking for the “perfect” wallet for quite some time. I had the fortune of meeting a gentlemen on a plane that showed me his VVEGO wallet. I was convinced to try this wallet. I ordered it, and after a few minutes of ownership – I was convinced. It is super practical, convenient, comfortable, safe and secure. Service was stellar, but the product is remarkable. I reached out to VVEGO to post this review, they di not reach out to me. I wanted to write a review to share my experience to anyone looking for a great wallet, this is the one.

  11. Spencer (verified owner)

    This is the wallet you’ve been looking for. I could not be happier with my pivot and the snap clip works great for a large or small wad of cash unlike other clips..

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    <3.5 year review, Pivvot + Carbon fiber money clip: Outstanding>


    I wrote my original review on Feb 16, 2014.
    Since that time, I’ve used my wallet on a daily basis and have been nothing short of impressed.

    With the wallet, I’ve logged 5000+ miles of flight, commuted daily on bus/car, hit the town on countless nights, and the wallet has never missed a beat with me.

    Stitching, construction, hardware, and leather quality look like new from day 1 (with a few battle scars of course).

    As I write the review, I am just stopping to realize how much I took the Pivvot for granted—it’s been there doing its job for almost 4 years, drama-free. In the past, I would have been through at least 4 different wallets due to poor durability, poor design, poor function. The brand means nothing if there’s no substance behind it. Not so with the Pivvot.


    Last month, I discovered that I needed a way to secure cash. My original configuration did not have a clip because I opted for laser engraved initials. Needless to say, Robert Porter came to the rescue.

    It was his idea for me to try to add a carbon fiber clip to see if it would solve my problem. With some trial and error, I placed the clip on the front of the wallet, which incidentally adds a “bump” that gives some extra grip, without adding too much bulk to the wallet. The clip can hold about 10 bills without doing any damage to the rest of the wallet. If I need a slimmer wallet, I remove the clip. Problem solved.


    I appreciate the thought and engineering that went into this wallet. It’s a BIFL, fairly minimalist, forward thinking in function yet traditional in construction wallet that I’m confident will outlast me. Vvego Service is outstanding and above and beyond what I expected. I’m already eyeing a Vvault to complement the Pivvot.


    Keep it up, Team Vvego

  13. Kevin Kent

    Just received my first custom made product from Vvego and the wonderful staff, a Pivviot Wallet.. It exceeds my expectations. As a football coach for the past 20+ years I wanted something to keep with me after I leave the sideline. We just came off our best season in program history and was looking for a “keepsake” that would be special to me. Robert Porter answered every question through this process of picking a wallet, and letting me send some of the broken down footballs we used. Step by step I was kept informed on what was going on, even the ability to have special parts of the footballs used on the wallet. I would recommend Vvego and Robert to create a truly “Custom, American Made” leather product. Thank you! With the excitement of my wallet, I cant wait to get my Valet Tray!

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