Traditional Bi Fold Wallet Made From Football Leather


This Traditional Bi Fold Wallet Made From Footballs Is Coming Straight For Your Pocket After Being Tested On The Playing Field

This Is So Legit

  • Battle Hardened Football Leather Hand Built Into A Bi Fold Wallet Designed For Rear Pocket Carry
  • Each Wallet Is One-Of-A-Kind…No 2 Are Exactly Alike
  • 6 Interior Credit Card Slots2
  • 2 Vertical Pockets Behind Each Credit Card Bank 
  • Separate Pocket For Paper Currency 
  • Measurements 4.5″ W X 3 3/8″ Tall When Closed

  Backed Forever With Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty 

Once You Place Your Order, We’ll Send You Pics Of Our Current Inventory-You Choose The Wallet That Catches Your Eye

Time To Go Long

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Think you’re too traditional to have allegiance to any brand but Brooks Brothers? Bet that on the weekend, you’re a football warrior.  The game is so important to you that you want to show it, but maybe in a covert kind of way? Well… Our Bi Fold Wallet made from football leather might be just the answer you’re looking for. The only ones who’ll see it will be there when you pay, and if you pay a lot, so be it. Let your freak flag fly!

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Football Bi Fold

Football Bi Fold


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