T-1 Quick Boot Tool from Vvego

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This Isn’t Your Average Boot Knife…Here’s A Unique Piece Of EDC Gear You Don’t See Every Day

  Built From A Real Turbine Engine Blade

 A Smart Way For You To Carry A Small Tactical/Survival Knife…

Just In Case

  Fashioned From Inconel…The Same Super Alloy Used In The Skin Of The X-15 Rocket & Saturn V Booster

 You Read That Right

  • Oxidation/Corrosion Resistant
  • Weighs Less Than 1oz.
  • Well Suited For Extreme Environments
  • Measures Approximately 1-3/8″ x 1-3/8″
  • Beautifully Curved To Fit Your Thumb When In Use
  • Can Be Used Easily Right Or Left Handed
  • Comes Complete With A Custom Leather Holster & Coated Aircraft Cable Lanyard
  • Limited Quantities
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty 

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Have I got a quick boot tool for you!

So, picture this… You’re on a camping trip with your buddies and one of them is having trouble with the tent guylines, right? He’s got some dull blade he’s trying to cut the tent ropes with. So, you walk over, undo your laces and pull off this quick boot tool I mentioned, a little 1-3/8 inch blade to help a guy out. He’s like, “Where did you get that?” You can just smile and slip the blade right back onto your boot. Mystery solved, and… You’re the good guy because you helped a friend out.

But it’s great every day carry equipment, too. Tie it to any shoe or boot (maybe not a Wing-Tip dress shoe, but you know what I mean), and always have a convenient little blade ready. You could need it. You just never know what might happen. Every day can be interesting, if you — like a present-day Captain Picard — make it so.

63 reviews for T-1 Quick Boot Tool from Vvego

  1. paul (verified owner)

    WOW !!!! This edc knife is amazing. If it had more stars to give I would. The workmanship and customer service from Robert are amazing. I’ve owned many knives and blades and I plan on not even using this blade it’s so awsome. Every thing arrived just as it was supposed to, the packaging was even better, mine came with a hand written note with my name and a little blurb from Robert that sealed the deal. I have since purchased two more as gifts for friends and family. Thank you again Robert for answering all of my questions and selling such a great USA made product, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Paul

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Paul…Thanks for taking the time to give us a shout. I hope you enjoy knowing your T-1 Boot Blade Is At The Ready…Ya Know…Just In Case.

  2. Geral (verified owner)

    The T-1 blade is pretty impressive for such a small piece of equipment. I like to find cool, unusual, and original items to stand out from the crowd and this is definitely a one-of-a-kind. The leather holster is a fine piece of craftsmanship as well. I look forward to using this for years to come and seeing what comments I get. The take it to the grave warranty is definitely a plus along with the personal customer service received. This blade makes a perfect gift for an outdoorsman, aviator, or anyone that appreciates a quality made product.

    • Robert Porter


      Thanks For Giving Us Some Feedback On The T-1 Boot Blade…It’s A Good Back Up Knife To Have…Just In Case You Need Something To Help Out.

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    Extraordinary in every way! The design, the craftsmanship and the product itself are well beyond what one could ordinarily expect at this price. And Mr. Porter’s correspondence throughout the transaction showed that he believes in his product and he is committed to customer satisfaction. I could not be more pleased, and will recommend this site to others. Thanks!

    • Robert Porter

      We’re working hard to bring you EDC gear that is unlike any other you’ll find.

      Thanks for giving us your thoughts. RP

  4. James Bender (verified owner)

    This is a unique product and fills a niche previously unoccupied in the knife/tool world. There are many potential uses, use your imagination. Also, service was spectacular, shipping was fast and Robert called me personally to take time to talk about the product and took my input seriously. Definitely a great item to add to the EDC . Highly recommended as a gift etc.

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You James…The Idea Of Customizing A T-1 Boot Blade Is An Idea We Hadn’t Thought About. I Appreciate You Sharing How You Took Your Blade To The Next Level. I’m Posting Your Pics On Our FB Page

  5. Eric Schuster (verified owner)

    Such a unique item. The holster is remarkable in its design and quality. And the blade itself is genius. I really like the simple, functional shape. And it will cut. Thank you for the outstanding service. It’s not every day the owner sends an email to make sure everything is good with your order. And then expedites shipping as well. Really special place they run here. Again thanks for a great product and even better service

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Eric,

      Team Vvego Is Proud That You’ve Included The T-1 Boot Blade In Your Everyday Carry Lineup. It’s An Honor.
      We’re Here If You Ever Need Us In The Future. RP

  6. Don from Savannah, GA

    The T1 is a one of a kind… The design and simplicity is exceptional. The most unique blade you could ever own. I keep my T1 with me now all the time & use it quite a bit. This is the most useful tool I have in my hiking and camp gear now. I have never seen anything like this and the workmanship of the blade and leather carrier is top notch. Vvego’s customer service & satisfaction is obviously they’re top priority as I felt like I was the only one purchasing one. I have bought from Vvego in the past and Robert and his staff is the reason I return to purchase their new products for myself or as gifts. Great Job Guys!!! Keep it up.

    • Robert Porter


      Thanks For Trusting Us & Trying Out The T-1 Boot Blade. I Hope You Get Years Of Service Out Of It. RP

  7. Justin (verified owner)

    Got the T! a little while ago and man do I love this thing! Talk about having something unique and a conversation starter. I have been asked what the heck was hanging off my carabiner and cant say enough about it. On top of that, its extremely useful and the quality is above what I expected. Not only is the product above expectations, but the service is as well. The whole way through the process I received emails from Robert about when my items were getting shipped (also bought the bottle opener) and even had a hand written note to go along with the great pack job. Cant say more about my purchase and will definitely be back for more!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Justin…Unique EDC Gear Is Exactly What We’re trying To Add To The Line Up. Thank You For Being On The Team. RP

  8. Nathan (verified owner)

    I received my blade some time back, and have been carrying it faithfully. I must say it is a marvel of rustic sophistication. Light but rugged, it has handled my day-to-day abuse and is still sharp. One day I hope to find a use that is up to the quality of the manufacture.

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Nathan…We’re Always Looking For Ways To Improve Our EDC Gear. Thanks For Being On The Team & Keeping Your T-1 Boot Blade Handy. RP

  9. Kevin K.

    This is an incredible bit of kit. I love the idea of running my boot laces through the holster! Definitely a great way to reuse materials in a unique and useful way.

    • Robert Porter

      Thanks Kevin…Lacing The T-1 To Your Boot Keeps It Out Of The Way..But Handy If You Need To Get To It. RP

  10. James (verified owner)

    I can’t say how impressed I am with Team Vvego. Robert was very friendly and had excellent communication from the second I placed my order. It’s not every day the president of the company sends you a personal email. I can’t tell you how cool this little thing is! Great craftsmanship, genuine leather (love that smell) and it’s sharp as hell! Would love to do business with Team Vvego again!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey James…It Really Is A Team Effort Around Vvego HQ. Thanks For Taking The Time To Tell Us What You Think. I Hope Your T-1 Boot Blade Serves You Well Through The Years. RP

  11. paulette washington :-) (verified owner)

    this blade is the bomb.com! i love being able to have a small blade with me even in those locations where one shouldn’t have one ( wink wink). I can attach it to the pull strap of my Justin’s and its still easy to reach. The quality and sharpness of this blade surprised me! i love it!

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Paulette For Sending A Note & Thanks For Sending A Pic Of How You’re Sportin’ Your T-1.

  12. Nick (verified owner)

    Small and sturdy….great accessory for any outdoor excursion. I keep one on my backpack “just in case.” Personal service, with gift wrapping, exceeded all expectations!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Nick, Thank You For The Note. RP

  13. Glen Johnson (verified owner)

    Great item the leather case sets this apart. Works great on a boot. I will be buying more items from VVego as soon as I can. The founder stays in touch and is very great to work with.

    • Robert Porter

      Thanks Glen…Your T-1 Boot Blade Should Last For A Long Time. Thanks For Noting The Leather Sheath. We Stitch Every One BY Hand. RP

  14. Les Tewell (verified owner)

    I find this knife to be very easy to hold safely and securely when using, which makes for happy fingers! It is ideal for opening those confounded new blister packed items that are everywhere these days.
    I got great service and extremely fast shipping on my T-1, and am very satisfied.

    • Robert Porter

      Thanks Les, It seems you’re finding some great uses for your T-1. RP

  15. Mitchell (verified owner)

    I bought one of these for my dad recently and he loves it. It comes extremely sharp and packaged nicely—leather sheath, small pouch, and even gift wrapped! Robert was very communicative just minutes after placing the order—he wrapped the gift, added a personal note, and shipped it promptly. You’re getting top notch customer service and quality when you buy from Vvego.

    • Robert Porter

      Thanks Mitchell…A Great Gift For Dad. I Hope He Finds Many Uses For His Boot Blade. RP

  16. Joe Biafore (verified owner)

    Purchased the T-1 Blade, superb quality, The Blade, the Leather, the Workmanship .. Going to order another to wear around my neck on a 22″ ball chain.
    Vvego products are Top Workmanship and their follow up is 100%
    Thanks Robert, looking Forward to orders of a Belt and Wallet

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Joe. We’ve Been Wanting To Get Some Pics Of A T-1 Around Someone’s Neck. Please Send Us One If You Have The Time. Thanks For Being On The Team. RP

  17. David Midgett (verified owner)

    The Boot Blade is way cooler than it sounds… I bought two, planning to keep one and give the other away. Now I’m keeping two. Shipped very fast, packaged gift-ready. Great product from a great business owner with great communication. What more do you need? Just make sure to get a couple extra if you are buying these as gifts

    • Robert Porter

      David, We can always replace the one you give away…if you ever do 🙂 RP

  18. John Lowney (verified owner)

    Just received my Boot Blades (2). Excellent customer service from the owner, no less. Quality and uniqueness are second to none. The leather scabbard sets this compact blade apart from the competition. My blades arrived razor sharp presented in a gift box with a personal note from Robert himself. I plan on using one as an EDC on my keychain and the other around my neck. Great experience.

    • Robert Porter

      I’m Glad You Like The Boot Blades & The Sheaths…Each One Is Stitched By Hand…The Whole Outfit Should Make A Nice Add To Your EDC Kit.

  19. Joel Cleveland

    I really love my new super-cool boot knife. I used it first 2-seconds after I got it from Robert personally to open my bison wallet (which I also love) and have used it many times since. Your products are original and unique-the details make the difference and a nice presentation is always a good thing-keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Joel, I Hope You’re Finding Great Uses For Your T-1. Give Our Best To Holly. RP

  20. Alex Johnson

    Sounds wicked awesome! I’m definitely getting one, only question is how would I sharpen this alloy? Would any old whetstone used for other quality knives work?

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Alex…Yep, A Few Passes Across A Stone & You’ll Be Good To Go. The T-1 Really Holds A Nice Edge. RP

  21. Shawn (verified owner)

    Received T1 today great little knife,Robert did an impressive job in the handling of the order.keep adding unique gems like this and I’ll keep placing orders.Thanks again

    • Robert Porter

      Thanks Shawn. We’re Working On Some Cool New Gear Right Now. Stay Tuned…And Thanks For Being On The Team. RP

  22. Mark (verified owner)

    Excellent product! As a huge aviation enthusiast, I am constantly on the prowl for useful gadgets such as the T-1 boot blade. Mr. Porter and his staff are extremely professional! Great job!

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Mark…Glad Your Prowling Ended Up With Us. We’re Working On More Gear…You Can Be Sure Of That. RP

  23. Chris Barry

    Great product…
    So good my father wants mine.
    I know what I am getting him as a gift.
    Great customer service.
    Thank you

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You Chris…The T-1 Boot Blade Is A Great Gift Idea. We’re Here If You Need Us.

  24. Vinnie (verified owner)

    Perfect for my everyday carry. Clean, classic, and tough. The customer service is the best I’ve run into.

  25. Bren (verified owner)

    Hi Robert,
    Just to let you and the team know that the T1 arrived today and its an awesome bit of kit. Love the way that the blade has a serial number on it from its original purpose, it really makes you wonder where it has been before!

    Quality and finish is just as expected – top notch. Excellent service and prompt shipping across the pond.

    Will definitely be back for more.

    Cheers !

  26. Alan (verified owner)

    Hey Guys….
    Here’s my take: I was turned on to Vvego.com by my son. The Boot Blade caught my interest from the start, as I thought it might be handy in those “Unfortunate” non-planned occasions where an Emergency Blade may be handy…. So I ordered #2, one for my son @ one for myself. A few days past & I said to myself, “where’s my set of Blades”? Unbeknownst to me, Robert from Vvego.com had already E-mailed me & given me the heads-up on my order. Being impatient, I wrote Robert an E-mail asking “When”. Surprisingly, not only did I get an immediate reply from Robert himself, but I actually received a personal phone call too! It appeared that the sheaths were individually hand made & were in the works. I was kept up to date by E-mail as my order was filled & shipped. Needless to say, my 2 Boot Blades arrived promptly in individual velvet-like pull string bags & sheaths with attached aircraft coated lanyard. Surprisingly, the Boot Blades themselves looked exactly like their pictures. One thing I appreciated was their non-bulky size, making them less obvious on your boot or in your pocket. Everything else was exactly as promised. My biggest dilemma to date is weather to use it as an Emergency Blade on my boot or as a keychain!
    So, to Sum it Up….
    Excellent Product with Superior Personalized service from a company owner who actually cares about his customers, & stands behind his products!
    This is Definitely a guy you can be comfortable doing business with!

  27. Mark S. (verified owner)

    Awesome knife and amazing customer service. Only problem I have now is all my boots and shoes want one.

  28. Daniel Vivier

    Just received my boot blade, my wife got me for my birthday. Awesome, plain and simple. Can not wait to show it off.

  29. Andrew Tees (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Knife is very comfortable and easy to hold due to the curve of the original turbine blade. Cutting edge is very sharp like it should be:-) The boot sheath is very well made and secure it will make an excellent neck sheath. Very pleased with this knife. Robert has been extremely helpful through out answering questions quickly even with the time difference (I’m in UK). I was starting to wonder if he ever slept:-)

  30. Brandon (verified owner)

    Ordered as a gift for my best man who loves camping and RV’ing. I figured for those times when he’s in swim trunks and doesn’t have a pocket to keep a knife in, it’s a great alternative. He LOVED it. It was very sharp and construction was amazing, not to mention the pouch was awesome as well. Also, I can’t forget the customer service. I’ve not received the kind of customer service in purchasing a product in a long time. The communication, above and beyond customer service, excellent. Robert was amazing. Also, since he wrapped the gifts, he even put a small note in the boxes as well that the guys got a kick out of. I’ll be ordering from here again without a doubt!

  31. Seth (verified owner)

    If you’re reading this and wondering if you should buy a blade, you should. I have 2 and trust me, they are awesome. It doesn’t hurt that Robert reaches out to his customers and genuinely cares.

  32. Jimmy Strauss (verified owner)

    I wish that there were 10 stars to award. This is one really cool blade that you will not find anywhere else. The workmanship is top notch! The blade comes to you super sharp. As noted in the other reviews, the blade comfortably fits your hand as well. The sheath is of equal quality. Tight stitching and secure fasteners so as to avoid the blade slipping out. Customer service is unrivaled! Never have I dealt with anyone so easy to work with. Mr. Porter personally answered all of my emails quickly & he was extremely pleasant to work with. I also received an extra gift that was not expected. I highly recommend Vvego to anyone & everyone! Top Notch, A #1 to buy from. I will definitely be back!

  33. Kevin Moshier (verified owner)

    This is a great little knife. I came across it on line by accident and had to have one. The customer service is amazing. How often do you get an email from the president of a company. The quality and workmanship of the sheath is exceptional. Mine was a special request after the order was placed to be made out of a camo leather Robert had posted on Facebook. I was very impressed with both the fact that he excepted my special request and with the final result. The camo sheath is awesome. Thanks!

  34. Jim Hughes

    Beautiful , functional, yet simple design. Just the item for carrying regularly in SERE conditions. Very sharp blade. Always there when you need it. Bargain Basement price for such outstanding design and production.

  35. Kyle

    I would give 6 stars if I could. 5 for a super cool well made product and an extra for the level of service Robert provides. Have no hesitations is you have any interested in any of Vvego’s products, I assure you you will not be disappointed.

  36. Bill Battline (verified owner)

    Better than I expected. Great product!

  37. NM (verified owner)

    Service: Personalized service from Robert all the way from your order to delivery.

    Product: Unique and highly practical. Not a typical blade and can be useful in many situations that do not require a regular knife. Very well made.

    Recommendation: Get one. You won’t regret it.

  38. Travis Barker (verified owner)

    Great little EDC knife. Customer support is top notch. Quality is the word I would use to sum up this blade and sheath.

  39. Philip Arlinghaus (verified owner)

    So I came across this beauty on a little while ago and thought about if I needed it and if it was worth it. Then when I started looking at some of the reviews, they were all amazingly positive. So I took a chance and I bought it. The customer service I received may have honestly been the best. Mr. Porter helped me through the whole process and was very kind, generous, and helpful. So once I received it it was amazing and I had a few issues but he fixed those right away. All in all the product is amazing and more useful than you would think. I would even get it just to experience the amazing customer service. Thanks Robert!

  40. Philip Arlinghaus (verified owner)

    To start off I thought this wasn’t really worth the money and I couldn’t find many uses for it. Then I started looking at all the amazingly positive reviews and I knew that this was something I had to get. So I purchased the blade and Mr. Porter walked me through everything and was very kind, generous, and helpful. Once I received the product I was very happy and had a few issues, and he cleared those up, no questions asked. All in all this is a very useful everyday item and the craftsmanship that goes into it is amazing. I would honestly buy it just to experience the excellent customer service. All in all, I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Robert!

  41. James (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten better customer service before in my life hands down.

  42. jim hill (verified owner)

    I don’t leave home without a knife, and it’s nice to be able to carry something that, while being able to cut almost anything I need to cut, won’t upset the sheeple by looking too martial/dangerous.
    Also, you seem to have taken the blade back full circle to our first cutting tools, a rock with a sharp edge for slicing, and a rounded back for holding in the hand.
    That, too, is cool.
    These blades are unique, without being needlessly gimicky, simple & virtually weightless.
    Despite the tiny size, they offer several grip options, & can accomplish most any of my daily cutting chores.
    I now feel naked if I leave home without it.
    Thank you for a great product.
    A breath of fresh air in the knife world.

  43. Justis (verified owner)

    Solid product. It’s unique design and material makes it a necessity for my EDC. Highly recommend this product to my friends. Its one of those tools in which once you see it, you have to have it. Thank you Vvego

  44. Luis Rigau (verified owner)

    I bought this out of curiosity due to its uniqueness and not seeing a real everyday use, but I have to say that this thing is excellent and pretty tough for edc tasks and it doesn’t draw much attention like a small knife would. The customer service from Robert is probably the best I’ve experienced ever in every aspect from communication to speed of delivery. Thanks for everything, Luis Rigau

  45. Rick McCorkle (verified owner)

    I will keep this short but, I could literally spend the next hour explaining how awesome this product is and how amazing my experience as a customer was. There is no other purchase or customer service experience that comes close to the exchange I had here. Again, great, handmade product and customer service that can only come from a company with a passion for their product and a belief in the important of a customer’s experience being the best possible. Thank you so much.

  46. John (verified owner)

    I am an owner. I love it.
    When I use it, I will post more.
    This knife is real tiny.
    That is ok, not a complaint.
    Robert, feel free to use the T1 under a quarter pic I sent you!

  47. Dulce (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my husband, and he absolutely loved it! Materials used, both for the blade and the holder are top-grade. I’ve never encountered a product like this which makes it truly unique and interesting. Robert also provides excellent customer service, another 5 stars for that!! Thank you for the awesome product, Robert! I sure will keep this site in mind for future presents 🙂

  48. Fred Form (verified owner)

    This item is a beautiful piece of work. It is well put together.

  49. Nathan

    I saw this posted on a Facebook page, and messaged one of the rp’s. Thank you team Vvego for supporting the United States Marine Corps, Semper Fidelis.

  50. Joseph Carter

    Amazing product but even more amazing people. Robert Porter and Team Vvego are amazing, kind, and generous people. If you are not sure about buying this knife I recommend you do. You will have an amazing tool and might even meet an amazing friend.

  51. Randy Moon

    What an awesome piece of kit! Where I work pocket knives are frowned upon making the size of this blade perfect for discreet use. I also love the weight, or rather the lack of weight! Nothing worse than a heavy knife clipped to you belt. The blade is extremely sharp and holds an as well or better than most other more expensive knives. I know what I’ll be giving to friends and family for Christmas this year!

  52. Mike Lindsey (verified owner)

    I saw this on FB and ordered 2 of them. They are outstanding quality, and the shipping was ultra fast. Robert has been very attentive and communicative. I highly his products. The knives are extremely innovative. I wish I thought of this…

  53. Shane (verified owner)

    Received my boot blade and it absolutely met all my expectations, quality product, quality service. Will be back for more.
    Thankyou Robert your service is outstanding

  54. Chris Diomampo (verified owner)

    First off, the pictures do not come anywhere close to holding the Boot Blade for yourself. At first glance you pick up on the detail and craftsmanship that went into the sheath and then as you remove the T1 from it’s housing you realize this is NO ordinary blade. It cuts, scrapes and performs chores for the avid bushcrafter. Be sure to order two otherwise, it will end up stored as a museum piece!

  55. Eric Melanson (verified owner)

    Excellent product, high quality. I love it. Will not disappoint, buy it NOW!

  56. Sean Johnson (verified owner)

    Legendary Customer Service, Legendary Products. 5 stars do no justice to anything Robert and Team Vvego produce. 10 stars is still too low.
    I had purchased and received my T-1 a bit ago, and wanted to put it through it’s paces before reviewing, and let me tell you, you NEED this EDC. This has replaced all my various rotating EDC blades, even my Warncliffe. Few words can describe the quality and attention to detail set upon a seemingly insignificant piece of disgarded metal. It’s shape and design allows for a tactile precision unlike any other blade. Then, there is the sheath…the leather work here is a lost art, and the craftsmanship is just that, art.
    Top that off with the Legendary Customer Service that is unheard of in a world of automated garbage, and you have a product that is not only well worth the money, but you have an experience. Do youself a favor, experience Robert and Team Vvego.

  57. Nicholas Curnutt (verified owner)

    This is one of the best EDC knives I have had the pleasure to own. The sheath is well made and very nice and the blade comes to you very sharp.The craftsmanship and the customer service I have received are without a doubt the bet ever. Thank you Robert I look forward to buying more of your products

  58. Thad Maske (verified owner)

    I love this knife, matches my boots perfectly. And is a work of art in itself. Customer service is amazing. And it shipped and got to my door in a few days. Plus he threw in some cookies as a bonus. I will definitely be back to buy more.

  59. Shawn (verified owner)

    Great product and even better customer service. Love the T-1 secure stored in a very well made and attractive leather sheath that is flexible fir boot, lanyard or pocket carry along with a very light and stiff blade that has a natural curve that fits your thumb making fir a handy and comfortable grip and is so lightweight it disappears when laced into a boot.

  60. Ben Chapman (verified owner)

    Amazing product and great customer service! I ordered the blade because it caught my eye for father’s day, but then I ordered one for myself too. Shortly after I placed the order, Robert called me personally and wanted to know if I needed expedited shipping and/or gift wrapping for the purchase, which I did. Ordered over a weekend and both ones were out the following Monday being shipped. I liked this idea because I am in the AF and my Dad is very proud of his service too. Robert made himself very available for any questions I had, and the gift made it in plenty of time for father’s day. I will definitely keep this site in mind for future purchases. I recommend them, not only for their cool products but their great service as well!

  61. Stuart

    Hello there,

    Would you ship this to the United Kingdom ?

  62. Stuart

    Hello there,

    Would you ship this to the United Kingdom please ?

    • Robert Porter


      We Ship All Over The World…Shipping To The UK Isn’t A Problem…rp

  63. David (verified owner)

    This is truly a light weight, uniquely functional masterpiece. Customer service and product are TOP NOTCH!

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