Money Clip Wallet — the Vviper Magnetic

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This Sleek Magnetic Money Clip Wallet Is A Wicked Way To Carry Your Stash

  The No B.S. Answer To The Question Of How You’ll Carry Your Credit Cards & A Nice Fold Of Snaps…All In One Awesome Wallet

  • Classic Brown Waxed Leather
  • Holds 6-8 Credit Cards In Slots On The Front & Back + Folded Bills Under The Magnetic Flap
  • Stitched w/ Heavy Duty Saddle Thread
  • Black Carbon Fiber Inlay 
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty

You For The Win



Having a money clip wallet makes life easier. Just throw in a few cards, clamp your magnetic seal over a few bills and voila! Small enough to be a front pocket wallet, or not.  Up to you! This little money clip wallet keeps the bad butt cheek syndrome at bay! Who wants a bum butt cheek? Don’t forget, though. We have other models that keep your bum happy. Even baseball glove wallets. Being nice to the buttocks is like swimming in cheeseburgers or wait… MONEY! Yeah. That’s it. Swimming in Money. The Vviper Magnetic clip wallet can sure help with that.

27 reviews for Money Clip Wallet — the Vviper Magnetic

  1. James Wiles (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a high quality leather wallet for some time when I came across the Vvego website and saw the Vviper Wallet. I emailed Robert Porter to inquire about the product. Boy was I totally surprised by the superior customer service I received from Robert at the outset. I have seen “good” customer service in the past, but this by far surpasses any customer service I have received in my 53 years of life! Robert is helpful, supportive and responsive. After receiving my order, I was totally impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship, the quality of the leather, the feel, the smell and the practicality of this wallet for my everyday use. I have been showing it off to family and friends. If you are in the market for a top quality wallet, look no further. Vvego is the place and Robert is your man to provide exceptional customer service! You will not regret it!

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You James…There Was A Lot Of Time & Effort Put In To Make The Vviper Wallet A Reality. Thank You On Behalf Of Team Vvego…They Deserve The Credit. RP

  2. Trevor Dewar (verified owner)

    I wanted to just take a minute and review this product and company. I am not a big guy when it comes to reviews but I really wanted everyone to know how awesome Robert, this company, and this wallet are. I had been looking for a small wallet for some time and was doing a ton a research to make sure I purchased the perfect wallet for my needs. I contacted Robert via email with a hand full of questions about his products in an attempt to decide on which one to purchase. Robert immediately responded to my email with answers to my questions and even took some additional photos of the wallets so I could get a better idea of how they compared in size and shape. Robert was very helpful and told me I could call and talk to him in person if communicating by email was not clear enough. I decided on this wallet and its fantastic. I received my wallet quickly and packaged in a very nice cloth bag and box. The wallet is beautifully made and you can tell will last forever. Even if it doesn’t Robert offers a life time warranty so I don’t have to worry about it….hahaha. I even got an email from Robert a few days after my wallet arrived to check to see you I liked it and if I was happy. What kind of company now days does that? Vvego International thats who!!!!! If you make the decision to buy any of the products feathered by Vvego International I can guarantee you will be happy, satisfied, and impressed. Thanks again Robert.

    • Robert Porter

      Trevor, Taking The Time To Write Us Means A Lot. Team Vvego Is Here Should You Need Anything At Any Time In The Future RP

  3. David Dyke (verified owner)

    I am repeat customer. I had to come back as Vvego has great gear and Robert is a man of his word. The Vvector is perfect to travel light…carry a few necessary cards and some cash and you are on your way. I like that I can carry it in my front pocket as well. The magnetic catch is strong enough to do the job and I admire the craftsmanship of Robert’s team. You won’t go wrong if you choose Vvego.

    • Robert Porter

      Thank You David. The Vvector Wallet Is Unique For Sure…Thanks For Being So Supportive. I Hope We Hear From You Soon. RP

  4. Andrew Hendel (verified owner)

    I was tired of my traditional bulky wallet, so I began my search for minimalist style wallet. I wanted something that could carry four cards and had a place to store some cash so Roberts design caught my attention. I placed the order and was impressed by Robert’s correspondence and customer service as the wallet’s build progressed. I was very impressed when the wallet arrived by its feel and the quality of the leather used. After a weekend of use I asked Robert if I could send the wallet in and have it adjusted so I could have my cards sit lower in the wallet. Robert with his lifetime warranty promptly responded and built me a new wallet to my request, while still allowing me to keep and use the other! I am supremely satisfied with my purchase, and love my Vviper wallet. Robert’s products and customer service are paramount and highly recommend any of his products.

    • Robert Porter

      Hey Andrew…I Should Be Thanking Your For Allowing Us The Proper Time To Build Your New Vviper Wallet Exactly As You Wanted It (And As It Should Have Been From The Start). Thank You For Your Patience & Your Confidence. Rp

  5. Dave Birely (verified owner)

    To put it simply, if you want to deal with a company and individual who understand quality products and outstanding customer service, look no further. Thank you for everything, I look forward using this wallet for life.

  6. Linda Helkenn (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC is what I would say about Roberts customer service and this company !! No doubt one of the best companies I have ever ordered from! From the ordering the wallet and him letting me know it was on it’s way and then the the arriving of the wallet the great craftsmanship put in making this is second to none !!! GREAT job Team Vvego !!! Would highly recommend this wallet and company !!! Thanks again Robert !!!

  7. Duane Freyberger (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow! I had been using a certain style of wallet for over 10 years. I had finally exhausted by stock of backups so I began my internet search. I found Vvego and decided to email a picture and ask if they could make something like it. The answer I received back was absolutely. I now have two of the finished product and given the quality of materials I probably will not need the 2nd one. Fantastic product, fantastic service, innovative company!

  8. Lynnie Hammond (verified owner)

    I saw this wallet on I emailed the company because I had some questions. Robert wrote me back immediately and answered all my concerns. I bought this wallet for my husband as a Birthday present. I wasn’t sure if he would like the style because it was so different from anything he had in the past. Robert Porter in customer service was there for me every step of the way. He let me know that if my husband didn’t like it he would work with me and make something that he would like. He guaranteed it 100%. As it was, my husband loves his wallet and that makes me very happy. The quality of the wallet exceeded my expectations and the workmanship is excellent. Thank you so much Robert. I will recommend your company.

  9. Johnny Jordan (verified owner)

    Robert treated me very nice with everything.The Wallet is unique and excellent . I love it. Robert made sure everything was correct. The delivery was very quick. THANK YOU.

  10. John Howarth (verified owner)

    As a small business owner of several restaurants over the last 25+ years I know customer service from both sides of the fence. I also know the time and effort it takes to run a successful brand. There is an old adage that goes something like this…if you take care of your business,employees and customers they will in turn take care of you. VVego International has an owner that exemplifies all of these traits. Robert Porter is his name and giving unprecedented customer satisfaction is his mission statement.
    My experience with Vvego began about one week ago. I was searching the internet for a well made front pocket wallet. I came across a video about the Vvault and was intrigued. So,I signed up on the Vvego .com website to do more research and to have the ability to order one for myself. After about 10 minutes from signing up I got an email from Robert thanking me for the interest and if I needed to have any questions answered that he or his staff would be more than happy to assist me. He gave me the number to his company and I decided to call and ask some questions. Imagine my surprise when I called and he answered. After brief but courteous introductions I explained to him that I was interested in the Vvault front pocket wallet and he asked me what type of things did I plan to carry in it…I told him that I usually have about 6-8 cards and that I like to carry 10-12 bills on me as well. Robert told me that the Vviper was a much better wallet for my needs. I have to admit that I was very skeptical about the magnetic money clip being able to hold that amount of currency and I was also worried about it possibly demagnetizing my credit cards. He assured me that it would not harm my cards and that it would do the job holding the cash. The next words out of his mouth were unbelievable…
    Robert said that when he formed his company he told his employees that this company’s primary goal was to make a product so good that it would be guaranteed for life….NOT just against wear and tear but against ANYTHING that might cause it to fail…e.g. say a pitbull getting ahold of it and shredding it to pieces. No problem just box it up and send it back and you get a new one at no charge!! WTH?? Is this guy crazy? I thought so at first… but after receiving my Vviper in the mail and inspecting the quality of the product and the workmanship that was put into the wallet by his staff I think he has a solid grasp of what he and his brand stand for. To say that Robert and his staff have made an impression on me is the understatement of the year !
    I am going to order the Bison Bi-fold next for my 18 year old son. Vvego has made a customer for life out of me and I thank Robert and his staff for producing such exemplary products and for maintaining the pinnacle of customer service. Those of you that are looking for the best…look no further than Vvego International !!

  11. Jim Harper

    Perfect for anyone like myself who knows they need to go on a wallet-diet. Holds 4-6 cards easily and bills. Man, their stuff is well made!

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    Pros – Design, strong magnetic money clip, efficient design, customer service
    Cons – Slightly more bulky than some other choices…maybe the black/red color combo, but that’s personal.

    I wanted to replace a front pocket magnetic money clip wallet that I had two wallets ago. After a brief conversation Robert, I settled on the Vviper to fill the bill (pun intended).

    If you’re looking for a minimalist wallet with a strong magnet style money clip, a great closure system for lesser used cards, easy access to your frequently used cards then look no further. If you’d rather have an overpriced Italian wallet that won’t hold up to everyday use, do what I have done and get something else…you’ll be back.

    Because of the heavier leather being used expect it to take some time to break in. Like I said earlier, this wallet is designed to be used every day. The break-in period will probably take 2 to 6 months. Mine still doesn’t allow for easy card removal, but it’s getting there. The stitching isn’t perfectly straight, it’s not made out of fine over-processed thin leather, however, I don’t think that this was the intent for this wallet. I bought the black with the red dot. If I had it to do again, I might consider either a brown/black or a black/black (if available). It’s taking awhile for the red dot to grow on me.

    Oh yeah…get it engraved, it’s very cool.

    As others have said, Vvego customer service is second to none. It’s not only great to have a real person answer the phone, it’s something else to actually speak with the owner.

    I am looking forward to trying a belt or two in the near future.

  13. Ian

    I received this wallet as a Christmas present. It’s the perfect combination of size and functionality. Have not had it for long to out it through its paces but build quality looks like it will last forever.
    Especially pleased with the customer service. My wife emailed Robert on Christmas and we got a response. She advised he was super helpful in selecting the wallet as well. Thanks so much!

  14. Jesse Fyfe (verified owner)

    Great Wallet! I have eight cards in there and that is really the max, but it holds them well. It fits comfortable in my front pocket.

  15. Marc Gitelman

    I’m not sure that I have ever written an on-line review before, but the wallet I just received deserves commenting about. I was replacing a Tumi money clip wallet. I had some questions about the capacity of the Vviper wallet and Robert was quick to get back to me. I wanted the Vviper money clip, but was intrigued by another front pocket wallet that was made from baseball gloves. Robert told me that they would be happy to produce the Vviper money clip wallet with the baseball glove leather. It is nicer than I would have expected and is now my everyday wallet. Great craftsmanship and terrific customer service. Thanks again

  16. Sean (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough good things about the company, the service and the wallet. I had a couple of questions before I bought the wallet so I emailed Robert. He responded quickly and said if I wasn’t happy with my purchase that he’d make it right. Right after I submitted my order, Robert sent me an email thanking me for my purchase and gave me a timeline as to when I’d be receiving my new wallet. The wallet and service exceeding all my expectations. Very professional service and a high quality wallet. Robert has a customer for life. Great company, great product and great service. Thanks again Robert!

  17. Alan Thieman (verified owner)

    Robert Porter and the vVego Team are unquestionably a class act!
    From customer service and production all the way to shipping nothing is left to anything but perfection.
    I asked and I received, for Christmas that is. After seeing and handling a friends vVault I knew a vVego wallet was in my future.
    While looking at the wallets available I took a liking to the vViper. I mentioned to my wife how great it would look in Alligator. She agreed.
    After I talked to Robert annitially my wife decided she wanted to buy me the custom vViper for Christmas. After I proclaimed “No no, please No!” and a few conversations with Robert later the deal was done. Nothing can compair to the way a customer is treated by vVego as a whole.
    My wife received the vViper beautifully wrapped in Basic Black that I could appreciate in time for Christmas. Mind you, this was a custom order and there was a bit of a time constraint. The vVego Team pulled it off with flying colors. It is an amazingly well built and attractive wallet that brings many complements. I am carrying: Drivers license, 3 credit cards, American Legion door card, Insurance information, Medical card and a Giant Eagle card.
    I can’t forget to mention that I have also had as many as 17 folded bills held tightly by the magnetic money clip. All the while carrying in a front pocket position with no discomfort or difficulty retrieving when needed. I fully recommend vVego (Robert Porter and The vVego Team) with great confidence.
    Thank you Robert for all of your help and to the team for creating this magnificent EDC.
    Ps. Robert, I will be back for one of those seriously overbuilt belts! Thank you again.

  18. Alexander

    Ever since I dumped a traditional, department store bi-fold wallet, I’ve been searching for a perfect small leather good accessory for a comfortable and unique look to carry every day. I probably had close to 50 different slim/minimalist wallets. Card sleeves, card wallets (both bi-fold and one piece), money clip wallets, wallets with a cash strap. There was always something about them that I didn’t like; some could only hold few cards, some held cash awkwardly. Others, while looked good, but were just not comfortable to use. I always liked card wallets that had a magnetic fold that held cash, but the issue with them was the magnet – it was too weak. Not only weak magnet, but most of wallets like that you could only buy at the department store, mostly made out of cheap leather. I came across Vvego and the Vviper design looked very interesting. I always liked Alligator leather, it has a very unique look and feel to it, not to mention it can be very supple and thin. I emailed Robert and we’ve discussed making me a custom Vviper out of Alligator. Although, Robert said that custom orders take some time, it was actually pretty quick, maybe couple of weeks if that. He constantly updated me on the process, and kept me updated on all the details. IMHO, Robert should write a book on a customer service. The customer service he provides is simply outstanding! Questions, concerns, or if you just want to chat with Robert, he’s always there – friendly, helpful, and always guaranteeing and standing 110% by his products, and making sure that you are completely satisfied with the product. Now back to the wallet. It can easily hold 8 to probably 10 cards, and up to 20 bills (I had 27 bills and I’m sure it can hold more). The magnet is strong, you can pick up a 2.5lb barbell plate with it, but it’s not overwhelming, very easy to open, and it closes with a nice snap. Stitching is perfect. Wallets can easily be held in a back pocket, front pocket and a suit pocket with no bulge. My search for perfect wallet is finally over. I wanted something unique, U.S. made, with exotic leather. Vviper is all of that. I think the design is perfect. If you’re thinking about trying it, go for it. Call or email Robert, get a sense of what it feels like being treated like a valued customer – have him make you something unique, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

  19. Mike Balenti

    Great guys over here at Vvēgo, Robert wanted to give back to his customers so as a thank you he gave away a handful of his awesome products. I was lucky enough to receive a viper money clip wallet. Shipping was prompt. Robert emailed me personally and told me he was really busy but he would ship it out as soon as possible. I was in no hurry and was expecting to wait a couple weeks because thats what I’ve come to expect from usps and I was surprised when my package arrived within a week with priority shipping. Robert emailed me shortly after I recieved my package to make sure I got it. Excellent customer service. The viper is no joke and you can tell its built to last. The magnet is STRONG. I have no issue with my cash going anywhere. Side note – I have had no issue so far with the magnetic affecting my credit or atm cards. The design on the viper is a nice change of pace from the bifolds and trifolds I’m used to carrying. Its very slim and considerably smaller and more comfortable in my pocket. If you’re on the fence about trying the viper, do it! Its amazing product

  20. Jamee

    This review is well overdue. Robert and his crew of craftsmen are certainly one of a kind. The best customer service I’ve ever dealt with, and the fact that I got to have a say in the design, well that’s priceless! And then the materials and quality, another 5 stars!! Thank you and your team for a great product and experience with how you connect to your clients. Perfect!!!!

  21. Tony Roberts

    I was in the market for a new front pocket wallet, but I wanted something different. I searched online and found the Vvego page. I liked the Vviper wallet, but I wanted it in a custom leather. I emailed Robert with all my questions, and within less than 2 weeks I had the custom wallet. The customer service and attention to detail in the wallet is amazing. I will be ordering other items and referring others. Thank you again for the great customer service and the quality products you provide.

  22. Jeffrey Copeland

    What an awesome product! This is definitely a well built and constructed wallet! I have used another wallet for several years now and have really like it except for a metal button that can dig into your leg and be uncomfortable. I started researching for a new wallet and came across this wallet! Some people might think it’s on the pricey side but it’s well worth the money as it is made to last and then you always know that the company will always stand behind it! If someone wants a different and unique front pocket wallet then look no more! Will definitely recommend to all my friends and family!!! Thanks again Robert for taking the time to talk to me personally as it meant a lot to me!

  23. Bobby V (verified owner)

    Awesome high quality minimalist wallet. I went custom with black leather and black carbon fiber and it’s a nice stealty looking package that is hardly noticed it the front pocket. Perfect for EDC and the carbon fiber matches up with the rest of my carry gear . Robert went out of his way to make me happy and get the item I wanted . This wallet looks built to last but i have no doubt that if I have any issues in the future with the wallet Robert and his team will take care of me.

  24. Johnny C Jordan Jr (verified owner)

    This wallet is the best wallet in the world. I thank God for blessing Mr.Robert  with a unique talent to make this wallet.  I Love quick access Wallets, and this is the quickest one i have owned.the magnet is very strong and just right for quick access to  cards and cash or whatever you want to put in it .The Wallet looks very good and one of a kind.Thank You Mr Robert and all of you'll @ Vvego International.

  25. Chad Huff

    I have searched all over for a ‘strong magnetic money clip, that would allow me to carry more than two or three credit cards. I’m so glad that I came across Robert and his Vvego products. Robert answered his own phone when I called and arranged for my money clip to arrive within a couple of days. To say I am impressed with my purchase is an understatement, only surpassed by his repeated promise to make sure my new money clip continued to meet my needs. If it does not, Robert and his team promise to make it right no matter what. Such commitment and customer service is rare and certainly appreciated.

    Chad Huff

  26. Andrew Buscaglia (verified owner)

    As someone who was used to the traditional wallet for years, this is a great piece. The quality is excellent. Fits all of my cards/ids and the magnetic clasp keeps a good amount of folded cash too. Excited to have a good build wallet that I can already tell will last for years.

  27. Dan Lanier

    The wallets are awesome! Craftsmanship is in a class of its own. Robert and his staff Are true artisans. Thank you Robert for your personal service!

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