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Everything We Build Is Backed Forever

  • No Exceptions
  • No Time Limits
  • No Excuses

We Know It’s Been Said, “You Can’t Take It With You”… 

But If Do You Take It With You & You Have An Issue Or Concern-You’re Covered,

Come Heaven Or Otherwise

We Back What We Build 

From: a Visitor
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 9:24 PM
To: info@vvego.com
Subject: Warranty Question

What [are] the details of the warranty? What does it cover, what doesn’t it cover?

Thank you!



On Jun 5, 2019, at 19:43, Info At Vvego wrote:


Great to hear from you.

Our warranty covers everything. No exceptions. No time limits, not excuses.

I’m close by if you need me.


Robert Porter
Vvego International
205 919 4400


From: Visitor
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 9:55 PM
To: Info At Vvego
Subject: Re: Warranty Question

So if my wallet wears out and the seams unravel after 20 years, it’s covered?!

Thank you,



From: Info At Vvego [mailto:info@vvego.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2019 7:27 AM

Subject: RE: Warranty Question

Yes sir, as long as I’m still alive.

If the dog uses it as a chew toy…you’re covered (actually happened)

If you accidentally put it in the washer…you’re covered (actually happened)

If you’re run over by a pack of stampeding rhinos…and you survive, but the wallet doesn’t…you’re covered (hasn’t happened yet)

We back what we build.


Robert Porter
Vvego International
205 919 4400

2 thoughts on “Warranty

  1. Can you e mail me once you have responded?

    1. Hello Bill…Robert From Vvego Here.

      I sent you an email earlier, you may not have received it.

      I’ve just sent a new one. Feel free to email me directly robertporter@vvego.com

      We’ll be glad to take care of things for you.

      Vvego International

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