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Everything We Build Is Backed Forever

  • No Exceptions
  • No Time Limits
  • No Excuses

We Know It’s Been Said, “You Can’t Take It With You”… 

But If Do You Take It With You & You Have An Issue Or Concern-You’re Covered,

Come Heaven Or Otherwise

We Back What We Build 

Does the take it to the grave warranty include  precocious puppy attacks 🤦🏼‍♂️ ? If not I will need to order another wallet. I just got out of the shower to find Bailey (my 7 month old chocolate lab) had my wallet and was trying to enjoy it in a different way than I have. She has chewed it all to hell!! Please give me a call at your convenience, I will give you my card numbers again to start the process all over.

-- Wess

Chewed Wallet Bad Puppy


Robert called him. He's COVERED!

[Your baseball glove wallet] sparked all the same emotions and memories I loved of getting a new glove.  I was so excited when the box arrived that my wife and kids made fun of me.  The first step was to take a good sniff, nothing beats the smell of good quality glove leather.  All of the markings make it a truly one of a kind, conversation piece and takes me right back to my playing days.  I love how it felt a bit stiff exactly like when I got my first "heart of the hide" Rawlings.  Just like that glove, I will enjoy the never ending process of breaking in over years and years (never liked the newer gloves that either had softer leather or came pre-broken in, seemed like it skips the best part to me).  I resisted the temptation to stick it between my mattress and box spring at night as I taught my kids with their new gloves.

It may end up costing more money as I will proudly pull out my wallet a bit faster now to show it off and end up buying more rounds of beers for my buddies.  When I do, I'm sure it will be a conversation piece and they will be your next loyal customers.  I'll send you another email when that happens.


Awesome! I’m very excited. It’s actually for my best friend of 40 years. He was in the Mets minor league system for a few years and lives for baseball. Can’t wait to get this for him. Thanks for the quick response and confirmation. I found you guys just by doing some searching via Google.

-- Frank

From: a Visitor
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 9:24 PM
To: info@vvego.com
Subject: Warranty Question

What [are] the details of the warranty? What does it cover, what doesn’t it cover?

Thank you!



On Jun 5, 2019, at 19:43, Info At Vvego wrote:


Great to hear from you.

Our warranty covers everything. No exceptions. No time limits, not excuses.

I’m close by if you need me.


Robert Porter
Vvego International
205 919 4400


From: Visitor
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2019 9:55 PM
To: Info At Vvego
Subject: Re: Warranty Question

So if my wallet wears out and the seams unravel after 20 years, it’s covered?!

Thank you,



From: Info At Vvego [mailto:info@vvego.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2019 7:27 AM

Subject: RE: Warranty Question

Yes sir, as long as I’m still alive.

If the dog uses it as a chew toy…you’re covered (actually happened)

If you accidentally put it in the washer…you’re covered (actually happened)

If you’re run over by a pack of stampeding rhinos…and you survive, but the wallet doesn’t…you’re covered (hasn’t happened yet)

We back what we build.


Robert Porter
Vvego International
205 919 4400


Thanks again for the excellent service.

Lots of companies will sell you something but when you need them after the sale is when you find out who will stand behind their product.

I have to say that you and your company have been extraordinarily helpful.

Not only are your products outstanding but so is your customer service

I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone as well as purchasing from you again when I'm in the market.



I’m looking at either a bi fold or front pocket wallet.  I love the stuff you have even the valets.  I found you on Instagram in my feed.  It’s really cool that you actually get to see the piece you want.  I bought a wallet from Fielders Choice a few weeks ago.  I like it as well but you don’t get to see what you are buying so that took away some of the wow factor.

--Justin M.

Hey Robert,

Hope all is well!! I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for all your help. I really love my wallet!!

I drove through five states (counting California) to get to Wyoming last week for work, and have gotten numerous compliments on your product. I tell them all where I got it and how they can get one of their own. A couple of people said they have seen them online but thought the price was too high. I tell them all about my experience, your warranty, and how your customer service is second to none. I may have even convinced a few of them to bite the bullet and place the order. I cant thank you enough for doing what you do. I hope my enthusiasm for your product will help spread the word and convince people that the cost is worth the investment.

-- Wess S.

I seen an add about [one of  your chief competitors] by Forbes on Facebook, but they kind of had plain wallets. And I thought it would be really cool if there was different kinds of wallets and it had Nokona logos or Mizuno logos all over the wallet. So I googled Nokona wallets and it showed pictures of cool Nokona and Rawlings wallets and your website came up so I clicked on it!

Found you just by searching for baseball mitt wallets.

Actually ordered one of your competitor’s wallets and shipped it back immediately.

Bought yours.

"Surprisingly fast shipping. Also surprised by the Oreos haha. But wallet looks great the craftsmanship is outstanding. I know my dad is going to enjoy this gift ."

"My son is a 11 year old that plays in travel little league and is a huge Yankees fan.  We always bond over baseball.  When I asked for them to design my belt using Rawlings gloves it was because that is what I used growing up and what he uses today.  When I received my belt it blew me away.   It is definitely excellent quality and and heirloom piece like baseball gloves.  I am sure my son will love it when he gets it; however, it will not be anytime soon!  Great job by the team and their ability to customize!"

--Ryan Y.

"Yes sir. I was actually on Facebook and I saw a wallet made from a glove and I thought how cool is that. I played catcher in H.S. and I had a Nocona glove and I loved it. So I started Google searching Nocona baseball glove wallet and your site popped up along with others but yalls seem to be of best quality. I actually live a couple hours from Nocona TX where they used to make the leather products at."

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5 thoughts on “Warranty

  1. Can you e mail me once you have responded?

    1. Hello Bill…Robert From Vvego Here.

      I sent you an email earlier, you may not have received it.

      I’ve just sent a new one. Feel free to email me directly robertporter@vvego.com

      We’ll be glad to take care of things for you.

      Vvego International

  2. My new Pup found my wallet unattended…..and yes she enjoyed her time with it. Before I got my replacement bank cards Robert at Vvego had already replaced and sent me a new wallet free of charge even with me requesting to pay for it. For that I’m highly impressed….so impressed I ordered one for my brother today! Thank you so much, you made a customer for life.
    Paul Mayo

  3. Rarely have I ever bought a product in which I am so thoroughly satisfied. It’s been 3 or 4 years since I purchased my wallet from Robert at Vvego. I love the wallet just as much today as when I first received it. The absolute best quality possible. Zero wear. I feel like I’m carrying around a piece of American history with me.

    1. Byron, Thank you for checking in with Team V! We’re grateful for the support, and always close by if we can be of service…rp

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