Stingray Leather Wallet: the Pivvot


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Stingrays are related to sharks. Did you know that? Yep. And their skin is tough and totally durable. That’s part of the reason we made this wallet from it. Actually, it’s one of a kind. This Vvault, made form stingray leather is a looker. It’s also built to last.

Pirates used to be bitten by stingrays when they stepped on them by accident when offloading booty. The only way to stop the venom was by searing the wound with a red-hot iron. Yikes! That hurt. This stingray leather wallet won’t bite you, and we’re sure that there are better ways to handle a bite these days and of course, fewer pirates. But you can feel like a pirate when you’re carrying a wallet like this! It’s fun (and very useful).

The pivvot has two sleeves — one of money and one for cards. Or two for cards, or whatever you want. It works! And it will last for a LONG,  long time. It will or we’ll fix it or replace it. Just let us know.


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