Baseball Magnetic Bifold

Awesomenicity Doesn’t Accurately Describe The Newest Add To Our Wallet Line Up…This Baseball Leather Magnetic Bifold Wallet Is So Choice-You Need One Now


   Beautiful Baseball Leather For Starters + Our Exclusive Carbon Fiber Lining 

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  • Holds 6-8 Cards Total In 2 Pockets-One Pocket On Each Outside Panel 
  • Clamps Your Cash In Between The Leather Panels Via Internal Magnets
  • Measures 2.75″ Wide x 4.25′ Tall When Closed
  • Stitched With Heavy Duty Saddle Thread
  • Lined With Real Carbon Fiber/Kevlar
  • Each Piece Is One Of A Kind 
  • Proudly Sourced & Made In The USA
  • Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty 

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You need this Baseball Magnetic Bifold Wallet. Yes! Each piece is a one of a kind look. We have a nice inventory so you can choose the wallet you want. Made In America and backed forever, each Baseball Magnetic Bifold Wallet comes with the confidence that you are buying from your #1 provider of premium sports leathers. Built from repurposed baseball gloves, each magnetic bifold wallet is unique in character.  Because each wallet is never the same, you’ll purchase knowing that the wallet you choose will be the only one like it on earth.

We said it!

We have several choices for you in this Baseball Magnetic Bifold  wallet series, so come check out our new looks and decide to own one for yourself Each wallet has 2 card slots, will hold 6-8 cards and clamps cash like a gator between the 2 leather panels

This wallet is just right for the baseball guy in your life…He’ll be proud to sport such an awesome piece of carry.

Thinking this wallet will cause a holler? It will. But in a cool way. Just like all of our goods, your wallet is backed forever with our Take It To The Grave Warranty. No exceptions.

Come check out our selection of cool gear  and grab yours before they’re gone!


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