Cool #7 Mickey Mantle Baseball Autograph Wallet


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Part Of Our Limited Signature Series Of Wallets Made From Recycled Gloves

These Are Rare…

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  • Full Baseball Glove Leather Inside & Out-No Shortcuts
  • Measures 4.25″ Wide x 3.5″ Tall When Closed
  • 6 Pockets Total-3 On Each Side For Cards & A Hidden Vertical Slot Behind Each Card Bank + A Horizontal Pocket For Your Cash 
  • Premium Hand Turned Edges & Individually Lined Pockets
  • Built In RFID Shielding 
  • Proudly Made In The USA

Backed By Our Exclusive Take It To The Grave Warranty 

A Premium Piece Built Right Here In The USA 

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We have a Mickey Mantle Baseball Autograph Wallet.

Mickey Mantle. Is there another player that instantly evokes old memories?

The Mick was a NY Yankee his entire life.

Maybe you’re a Yankees fan.

Pirates or a Royals fan?

Admit it.  You still loved to watch Mickey play back in the day.

Or what if you never got to see Mickey play live?

It would be cool to hold a Mickey Mantle Baseball Autograph Wallet
in your hands.

Your baseball-loving friends will think so.

NO doubt.

Whatever Mickey Mantle means to you, he means that to a whole nation.

Everyone was interested when he came to bat.

And he couldn’t be touched in any position he played.

Why else would he have been named part of the All-Century Team?

You can have that little bit of history. How cool is that?

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Mickey Mantle Baseball Autograph Wallet

Mickey Mantle Baseball Autograph Wallet


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